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"Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of advance auction in stolen goods."

strace for nt

Drudge Report uses high tech editing equipment to show locations of kery and bush

more totally useful software from freshmeat

coderman: "iPortKnock with Cocoa Goey?!!?! WOW WOW WOW" -- 5 cow patties from tucows.

<eeeeeee>i can see through your convenient fundoshi

venkat: I particularly like the section "How it would look". That is, if it were to look. Which it wouldn't.
seti: also, if we were to look. which we won't.

A proposed general model of information behaviour

Information Research weblog

Subservient President! Tell him to do anything; pick his nose; snort some coke ...

HTF to stop Ghostscript from JPEGising images (or vice versa)

OMFG! 50-fucking-%

simmo: but i'm still trying to figure out who are the Warre Sisters
simmo: pie fucking chart
simmo: WTFU
simmo: pdfised

Digitally signed binaries kernel module for linux

simmo: "There has already been several initiatives in this domain, such as Tripwire, BSign, Cryptomark, and IBM's Signed Executables but we believe the DigSig project is the first to be both easily accessible to all (available on Sourceforge, under the GPL license) and to operate at kernel level."
simmo: would be useful if something like this called eg valgrind or some emulation environment when asked to run untrusted binaries, so they would run, but more safely (perhaps use some SELinux profile)

Sparc on OpenBSD now has *three* simultaneous stack protection systems: W^X, ProPolice, StackGhost

simmo: Sysadmin Mag review
simmo: and an article from the same issue on openMosix

Afghanistan is a shit hole; let's bomb south america instead!

coderman: now a surpsie bombing of Canada would surely teach those terrorist a lesson. We fear no nation in our blind assault against unseen evil!
simmo: "a surprise to the terrorists," ? is it their birthday?! :D
simmo: ROFLMFAO!!! The TERRISTS == everyone except US (democrats excluded of course!)
simmo: <jeffarch>

The new Amerika: the worst of both worlds, ineffective tyranny.

tangra: seriously hating your socialism
coderman: heheh, it's mirrored on a number of other sites, counterpunch,, . that one was handy
simmo: "Fourth Generation threats". WTF?!

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