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Insanity is your only defense against the invading nash equilibrium

two approaches toward local resource discovery. one with potential, one doomed to failure from the semantic curse

coderman: exhibit A: using implicit feedback for attribute generation
coderman: exhibit B: all sorts of pretty semantic relationships that NO ONE WILL USE
coderman: <semantic kool-aid drinkers> we have devised a solution to the explicit feedback problem. we will compose an email: "BILL GATES WILL PAY YOU $10,000 TO RICHLY DESCRIBE YOUR FILES WITH SEMANTIC-META-DOODY-TOOL AND FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO 100 FRIENDS!"

POST: A secure, resilient, cooperative messaging system

coderman: "OST is a decentralized messaging infrastructure that supports a wide range of collaborative applications, including electronic mail, instant messaging, chat, news, shared calendars and whiteboards. POST is highly resilient, secure, scalable and does not rely on dedicated servers."
coderman: WOW< THAT SOUNDS NICE!!! oh wait, what is this footnote?? " POST assumes the existence of a certificate authority." OH SHIT, YOU FUCKING LIED TO ME!?!?

Exploiting the Synergy between Peer-to-Peer and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

coderman: "We argue that there exists a synergy between peerto-peer (p2p) overlay networks for the Internet and mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) connecting mobile nodes communicating with each other via multi-hop wireless links."
coderman: "both share the key characteristics of self-organization and decentralization, and both need to solve the same fundamental problem, that is, how to provide connectivity in a decentralized, dynamic environment. We propose Dynamic P2P Source Routing (DPSR), a new routing protocol for MANETs that exploits the synergy between p2p and MANETs for increased scalability."

TCP Offload Is a Dumb Idea whose Time Has Come

coderman: that time being 10GigE. every try saturating 10GigE with TCP? No? BECAUSE YOU FUCKING CANT DO IT WITH A SINGLE HOST.
seti: this paper seems to bash something I haven't seen in real life yet; however, it does see value in a feature seen more and more often in lower-end 1000baseT NICs, tcp checksum offloading.

Bush/GOP wants to eliminate IRS, replace with national sales tax

diginux: Craziness yet to come

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