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"Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey-cage."

Car bombing time on the East Coast

simmo: solves "security and honeypot fingerprinting problems by making the UML kernel totally inaccessible to UML processes. Their address spaces are identical to what they would be on the host. This also provides a noticable speedup by eliminating the signal delivery that used to happen for every UML system call."
simmo: "kernel build, is almost twice as fast with skas mode as with tt mode, and is within 30% of the host's time"
simmo: "The UML server that I am most familiar with, which runs 25-30 UMLs at any given time, reduced its typical load average from 2 - 5 with tt mode to .1 - .5 with skas mode."

Proxim Loses Patent Dispute with Symbol

Apple accuses RealNetworks of 'hacker' tactics

simmo: in other news, steve jobs called microsoft a 'great big poopoohead'
simmo: apple said, "we are urgently looking for some way to get publicity milage out of this'

Paypal wants to give YOU money

simmo: more paypal spam
simmo: it goes on

Grid Computing.

HellsTeeth: Conceptual flyover for developers.
HellsTeeth: only relevant because the 'resources' links provide far deeper insight.

Be One With The Flame.

HellsTeeth: the big PVC-borne flame.
HellsTeeth: " Like any red-blooded, masculine man of the male gender, I love PVC weaponry. You should too. If the concept of heading on down to the local Home Depot and transforming $100 worth of random pipe bits into a killing machine doesn?t appeal to you, you?re a goddamn pansy."

Kerry friggen Packer having a drink with the PM

simmo: Export quality? Can Australia export Packer to increase global media diversity?
simmo: or would this backfire, like the canetoad thing ...
simmo: Packer as Sporting Gambler
simmo: Packer to buy casion in Macau
simmo: and Burwood in WA
simmo: previously owned Sydney's Casino - article further discusses Packer's relationship to the ALP
simmo: Bob Hawke (then Prime Minister of Australia) 11 June 1987: "It is ladies and gentlemen, a real pleasure for me as Prime Minister to be here and sit next to a person whom I am please, as Prime Minister of this country, to count as a close personal friend and to measure as a very great Australian, Kerry Packer."
simmo: "Packer put his son James in charge of the casino bid and he pursued it in true Packer style. In 1993, the younger Packer rang a Minister in the then Liberal government and said, and I quote, 'the old man told me to ring? this is the message. If we don?t win the casino, you guys are fucked.'"

Let's Get Skase (2001)

simmo: Skase stylee assets stripping business preadation
simmo: How to get started
simmo: " Skase died in 2001. Arguably his most lasting impact was on Australian bankruptcy law."

is there any [wonder|]?

simmo: <HellsTeeth> is there any wonder

HellsTeeth: digiredoo (sp?) action!
HellsTeeth: a one man show. a friend saw it in australia. he's extremely excellent by all accounts.
HellsTeeth: i mean, grok this photo. damn!
simmo: <simmo> heh yes three didges at once is a bit wild <simmo> i would like to hear some of this flying didge action

Programming Ruby.

HellsTeeth: Just finished reading - manageable and complete online text.

HellsTeeth: synesthesia.
simmo: screenshots?

why then, does this company charge 380 dollars for the intel compiler?

seti: (perhaps because the government can't compile intel to keep itself out of an unnecessary war)
simmo: jesus see how much they charge for strace

burtonator: Right-wing talking heads continue painting anyone who fails to genuflect deeply enough as a "hater," and therefore a nut job, probably a *crypto-Islamist car bomber.

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