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Tron Reloaded

coderman: Tron shaped my early childhood. [sweet, link label AI!]
LanRover: That explains sooo much.


coderman: hey burtonator, when are you going to implement that 'remove link' feature?


firegod: Democrats throw a fit, Repubs call the cops, names are called, bitching and whining insue, Repubs pass the bill without any Dems present because they all stormed out and went to IHOP

RIAA files 870+ subpoenas, 75 more every day against people sharing as few as 5 songs.

dngor: Because they can, now that sodomy is legal in the U.S.

Judge Accepts Life Ban for 'Terrorist' Remark

uid0: " NEW YORK (Reuters) - A suburban New York judge agreed on Thursday to a lifelong ban from the bench for asking a Lebanese-American woman if she was "a terrorist" when she appeared in court over parking tickets, officials said."
coderman: Apparently he asked that question right after asking her "where's your towel, towel head??

France Bans the Term 'E-Mail'

uid0: " Goodbye "e-mail", the French government says, and hello "courriel" . the term that linguistically sensitive France is now using to refer to electronic mail in official documents."
GabeW: I suggested "Le-Mail" but nobody thought it was funny

website of Banksy, a London graffiti artist

seti: the spray-paint kind, not the Palm Pilot kind

Random number generation using cheap webcam technology

coderman: im going to patent the entropy in my dirty toilet bowl ...

Are these really nanotech pants??

coderman: who wears pants anyway? WHO CARES?
Ash: I'VE GOT ANTS IN MY PAN.. oh, robots.. nevermind
nym: robot parade in my pants

Democrat Eyes Potential Grounds for Bush Impeachment

seti: Lying about reasons to go to war considered more harmful than lying about not having sex with some intern

Cash strapped French media giant Vivendi Universal has closed the European arm of MP3.com

seti: goddamnit eeeeeeee title the fucking URLs you throw up in the channel

US broadcasts 'jammed by Cuba'

Prison terms for trading 1 mp3?

matthew: I suspect this legislation will not be used en masse; rather, it will be used selectively to prosecute people we already don't like, but who aren't technically criminals. People like democrats, and liberals, and terrists, and arabs. Remember, mob bosses go to jail for tax evasion, not for being mob bosses.

WMD scientist's death rocks British government

firegod: whistleblowing british weapons inspector found dead in woods
coderman: <Blair> Die fucker!!!
antifuchs: Der Fucker!!!!!
firegod: " Kelly appeared shell-shocked when parliamentarians at the hearing described him as ''chaff'' and a government ''fall guy,'' put forward to shield top officials from blame. "
coderman: [2 weeks later] Despite the evidence of blunt force trauma to the back of the head, and skins abrasions consistenty with a pre-death struggle, we have ruled this death a SUICIDE! gr8, kthnx
firegod: http://msnbc.com/news/940959.asp?0sl=-21&cp1=1

(mischump, use URL above)

firegod: Delete this
antifuchs: Are you sure you want to delete this? [y/n]

Rape and trafficking of women prevalent in post-war Iraq

A_Young: "Under Saddam Hussein's regime, rape was used, and officially sanctioned, as a weapon of torture and political repression. Now Saddam is gone, but the number of reported rapes appears to be rising."

The definitive website

Key quotes: Tony Blair's speech to US Congress

A_Young: ".. anywhere, any time, ordinary people are given the chance to choose, the choice is the same.. "

Found Body Could Be British Adviser

TheShad: This has conspiracy written all over it
TheShad: ' "The body found matches the description of David Kelly, but the body has not yet been formally identified," a spokeswoman for Thames Valley Police said.'
TheShad: "Earlier this week, Kelly denied being the BBC's main source for a story claiming Downing Street had "sexed up" a dossier about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction."
A_Young: More courtesy of Vicious

"Anarchism", from The Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1910. by Peter Kropotkin

A_Young: "I nearly tossed my pitchers of porter and stout when I read this. Does anyone have a clue what sort of brain damage creates people like Mr. P?" lol


malaclyps: uhh, pay no attention to this, chump


blanu: 3D Porn!!!

(The Sun, UK) Hulk doll's monster willy

skimpIzu: i shed a tear to humanity this is brilliant
malaclyps: although it's not mistake. they're joke items deliberately sold on piers like this. the picture shows Hulk as advertised
A_Young: no link given to where I can buy one ... :(
seti: yawn

Careful: The FB-eye may be watching

kherr: Guy gets visit by FBI for reading a hardcopy of Weapons of Mass Stupidity web page in public place.
A_Young: "Sometimes he lay on his couch for months, frozen with the dread that anything he wrote would only extend Stupidity's domain."
A_Young: NATIONAL SECURITY NOTICE:- Everyone in the US should be informed: MARC SCHULTZ WAS READING THIS - it is the national duty of each and every american to READ IT TOO and see what a deviant he is (was?)
A_Young: commie trash
A_Young: lies .. trashy commie lies .. unfounded trashy commie lies
A_Young: I deny everything .. there was no cover-up
TheShad: Citizen A_Young is to be commended for his adherence to the True View

The Troups are Pissed

burtonator: In the back of the group, Spc. Clinton Deitz put up his hand. "If Donald Rumsfeld was here," he said, "I'd ask him for his resignation."


skimpIzu: http://www.ice.org/unzipped/1996/08/ve-jizz.jpg
skimpIzu: link disabeled over the last 5 minutes..wow
A_Young: yah, sure .. skimpizu we know that's just another one of your banner-pages

Naked 'Bambi' hunts spur outrage -- government agencies and women's groups looking for way to shut down hunts

coderman: also a hint of publicty stuntness: "The company has a Las Vegas business license to sell a $20 video of hunters chasing nude women through the woods as a spoof on hunting videos that feature men hunting deer. ... That video was staged, Real Men spokesman David Krekelberg said, but it gave rise to the idea of hosting hunts with paintball guns and charging men $10,000 for such weekend tours."


Cheezy Moxi commercial

wmf: but their UI is super slick


wmf: let's see how fast we can take down this one
rvalles: Where's the Anime/Manga section in that torrent index?
matthew: Hey man where's the porn?


seti: (/.) why torrentse.cx really died
seti: DMCA. Of course. And because their hoster was cheap.

Duh - this is why we have Freenet -- Ian Clark promotes Freenet as efficient, fast distribution system

coderman: " Clearly this was inevitable with BitTorrent - it is a centralized technology. ... it [freenet] is pretty much as easy to use as BT - if not easier. Further, I would argue that Freenet has many benefits over BT as a content distribution platform irrespective of its anonymity benefits (such as its adaptive caching)"

Democrat Eyes Potential Grounds for Bush Impeachment

coderman: ... hey, we can dream ...

The Anti-Emmett Bill

UNIX Haters' Handbook

eeeeeee: now free online!
coderman: "The X-Windows Disaster. How to Make a 50-MIPS Workstation Run Like a 4.77MHz IBM PC"
coderman: my 4.77Mhz PC had a turbo button baby!
eeeeeee: "To Ken and Dennis, without whom this book would not have been possible."
eeeeeee: the anti-forward to this is insane
rvalles: They're envidious :-)

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