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Love's Labor Lost & Found: one umbrella, a scuffed shoe, and some used bubblegum

Steamed Pork Buns

_joshua: Martha Stewart makes Roast Pork Buns

Mom mummifies daughter for alien resurrection

Woman dumps man for his online alter ego

jillzilla: I so do not believe this.
coderman: "Huang killed himself by burning charcoal in his bedroom on Monday night" -- A+ for resourcefulness!


firegod: Seriously, metallica is suing over the E and F chords!

BBQ Pork Sundae


Ash: not a UWB card, est!

Give cancer the jerk off

Metallica Sue Canadian Band over E, F Chords

firegod: E & F cords are OURS --metallica
firegod: sue YOU and sue YOU and fuck all you! --lars
Ash: metallica lubs u
matthew: awaiting confirmation from any other source


lemonodor: hipster bingo
lemonodor: But is it west coast? No. East coast? Maybe. Austin?
lemonodor: must be the ur hipster scene.
antifuchs: can I have a DECK of bingo-cards?

How to Pet a Shark

jillzilla: In Japanese
jillzilla: With Pictures
dopp: Taken by a guy with a hook for one hand and a wooden spoon for the other.

DirecTV dragnet snares innocent techies

Ash: yeah like you should listen to any link coderman posts

Microsoft warns of design flaw in newest software

deltab: "Microsoft has admitted there's a dangerous design flaw in its latest Windows Server 2003 software. The software is aimed at large corporate customers."

Upload a File, Go to Prison

lemonodor: " A new bill proposed in Congress on Wednesday would land a person in prison for five years and impose a fine of $250,000 for uploading a single file to a peer-to-peer network. "

Technorati: Top 100

malaclyps: write one of those "What Kind of Fucked Up Livejournaller Are You?" quizzes, become the most popular blogger in the universe
deltab: 6808-12-31 is a Wednesday

Stick Suicide: "The Pan"


Schuyler: al-Sahaf, we hardly knew ye


TehShadow: Put The Star Wars Kid in Episode III


pjz: gnome remembrance agent


lemonodor: playing LA fri. night.


lemonodor: careful.
lemonodor: Not Safe For Vegetarians
firegod: missed a corner on the way to the glue factory


Chump chumps itself: film at 11

TheShad: Chump has gained self-awareness -- and a major ego problem.
eeeeeee: "Honestly, I depend on my humbots for almost everything," says Chump
rvalles: The chump needs a better archive system... with something like "show me last week" or "show me this month".
rvalles: The chump is watching you...
lemonodor: please, chump, roll urls off gradually, not all at once at 00:00 GMT.
rvalles: Chump, do you like anime? it's great!
Mutiny: Sureless this will result in an endless loop which will rip the very fabric of time and space.

Microsoft Warns of Flaw in Windows!

jillzilla: NO!
TheShad: Heaven forbid!
deltab: "Next Story: Microsoft Posts Higher Profit, Revenue"


rvalles: Kawaii!

Very funny description of the "Freedom to Innovate"

jillzilla: or at least the tshirts produced

Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove

kherr: "Since 1873, the Global Elite Has Held Secret Meetings in the Ancient Redwood Forest of Northern California."
kherr: Includes presidents like Nixon and Reagan as well as the Bush Family.

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