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Hey! OASIS! Yeah, I'm talkin' to you! You know who you are! Don't give me that look! I'll come over there and slap the scowls right off your faces, so help me!


seti: (retro navigation icons from the beginning of the nineties)++

[Python-Dev] migration away from SourceForge [2003-04-12]

Rubber duckies dumped into the pacific ocean 11 years ago scheduled to wash up on New England shores in the next few days.

coderman: They are also a sobering reminder that about 10,000 containers fall off cargo ships each year, creating all manner of flotsam and jetsam.


Top Ten Things We, The Remaining Survivors Of The Robotic Holocaust, Will Be Eating

_joshua: the liquefied up remains of the dead
_joshua: mcdonalds
Mutiny: Deep Fried Rats, Cajun Style
antifuchs: our liquefied neighbors' pets
_joshua: beef, it's what the matrix tells us is for dinner
coderman: POONTANG
antifuchs: cows expelled from the Mootrix
Mutiny: MAEs, Meals Already Eaten
aml: bolts, nuts, and oil
antifuchs: MAE2s, Meals Already Eaten twice
_joshua: brains (zombies featured in all possible apocalypses)
deltab: Hungry Man All Day Breakfast
aml: fortified wines
antifuchs: the hamster your sister put into the time capsule
coderman: in america we call it "the anus"
aml: marcy's "enchilada"
_joshua: ramen
antifuchs: the fat pokemon kid
lemonodor: (Boba may be added to liquefied remains of the dead for only $0.25 more)
aml: ghyslain!
seti: It won't work... due to its lack of a viable micropayment system.
_joshua: karma points
Mutiny: The left over spaghetti in my fridge. It's lasted 2 years, so I think it'll be fine up until the robot apocalypse.
antifuchs: Things That Still Won't Work Even If You Have Given Them a Good Thumpin'


In fashion again...

seti: enemyster

Researchers: First early warning sign of autism ID'd - Study shows big heads coincide with autism

coderman: crap, i had a big head as a kid.
kernelphr34k: still do
antifuchs: next article will deal with relations between egg-shaped heads and idiocy

"the hunger" has returned.

coders == writers in the new economy. cheap, plentiful labor with zero barrier to entry into the field.

coderman: and paid shit, just like writers too. :-)
lemonodor: but try finding a good one.
kernelphr34k: I wish I had a job
antifuchs: but try finding a good one


Oakland jobless rate 11%

matthew: That's the kind of unemployment that sparked violent revolt and revolution in france, and twice in ireland.
uke: But we have better riot gear for our police now.
matthew: And I moved here because it was better than oregon? Oi.
Ash: maybe you people in oakland should just STOP BEING LAZY!!@%! GET OFF YOUR ASSES!@#%t!@ </Republicans>



lemonodor: "British police charged two men with manslaughter Tuesday following the death of an Oxford University student who was flung from a giant catapult."

Plz install electricsheep kthx

Angus_Angus: See also http://www.despair.com/idiocy.html

White House Projects Record $455B Deficit

coderman: w00t, half a trillion a year is quite the credit card bill!


Angus_Angus: Also from Despair
Angus_Angus: I guess all the friggin pages .. all of them click on them all


Angus_Angus: particularly http://www.despair.com/demotivators/dysfunction.html


antifuchs: beware - many interesting AI and programming papers. stay away if you have work to do.

Make Zorkmids Fast!

Funding Available for Marijuana Research

Little Caesar's Quicksand

kherr: "'For every American who gets killed, they should take 20 Iraquians (his term) and hang them from lamp posts.' This, he explained, is how the Klingons from Star Trek would handle it."
kherr: Someone else: "Follow the Roman rule: haul those people off in slavery and burn down the country...For every ten Americans slaughtered, burn down whole villages."
LanRover: That was the quote of an interviewed vietnam vet, not Greider.

Broadcaster Pat Robertson Calls for Retirement of Justices

kherr: Sounds more like a call for their deaths.

yahoo buys overture


matthew: I find it interesting that, bar Hawaii, every single historical high unemployment rate occurred during the Reagan-Bush Era of Uncontrolled Greed.
matthew: Also, the vast majority of historical low unemployment rates occurred during the Clinton era.
LanRover: It could also be said that the period of economic downturn followed 8 years of increased socialism and decreased GNP in either case :)


wmf: one for coderman

Robotics Society of America - Summer Robot Games & Expo


dnm: We'll trade you atomic secrets for being cannon fodder in a war, Australia!


skimpIzu: smoked penis

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