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If you don't like the news, go out and make some of your own. || <matthew> that bomb scare one was mine, sweet huh?


eeeeeee: hot!
eeeeeee: "getting this economy going is even more difficult than keeping my nose on"
eeeeeee: "ferengi? what are ferengi?"

diary of an America Online user

firegod: 80% of america is just, like, this.

CIA Stopped Iraq Nuclear Mention in Oct. Speech

program automatically terminates student's net access for sharing copyrighted data

kernelphr34k: That's horse shit... pfft Where's the backdoor?

The goonies reunion

Ash: that blonde chick needs a new hairdresser
deltab: She's Martha Plimpton, who played Stef in the film. Her hair was short and dark.
deltab: In this picture, most of them are smiling the same way they did in the individual photos in the novelization.
deltab: The guy with the grey hair is Richard Donner, the director. (John Matuszak, who played Sloth, is not shown.)
deltab: There might be a sequel sometime.

Coderman, this could be you..

coderman: ouch ...


_dav: A non intelligent language leaner
skimpIzu: #jibble


skimpIzu: gah!

ITV 13 Jul 2003 -- Iraq council holds "historic" meeting

A_Young: "A US-backed Iraqi Governing Council has held its inaugural meeting in Baghdad.."

PCWorld July 11, 2003 -- Trojan Hijacks PCs to Peddle Porn

A_Young: "'I said, `Whoa! That's interesting`,' Smith recalls."
A_Young: "The program, which Stewart dubbed 'migmaf,' acts as both a proxy server for spam and a reverse proxy server for a master Web server serving the spoofed and pornographic content.."
A_Young: "..such behind-the-scenes activity might eventually arouse the suspicions of victims, each compromised user machine acts as a Domain Name Service (DNS) host for the illicit Web domains for only 10 minutes.."
seti: punters find out about DNS TTL, live stream at 11


Geocache mistaken for bomb, blown up.

_dav: now they're gonna outlaw geocaching
deltab: referenced story from 2001-11-07: Internet game causes bomb scare

Surrey To Build First Galileo Navigation Test Satellite

seti: Galileo is the European Union's planned global navigation system.
seti: Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL), based in the UK, won the EUR 28 million contract. The satellite will enter a 23,616 km circular 56 inclination medium Earth orbit.
A_Young: Surrey is a suburb of London
seti: Wales is a suburb of London too
A_Young: But Wales is a BIG suburb
seti: I shall refrain from commenting on the relative size of Surrey


firegod: Thank you US Military for your kill'n, yours truly, mcDees

guide to converting DVD to other stuff, using ffmpegX

iChat AV with a USB Camera

Finding Patterns in Space

A_Young: Anselm writes: "In broad strokes the algorithm is simple. Simply put - one forms a webwork of documents and words - connecting all documents to all words. Given such a model of words and documents one can then establish values based on the distance of documents from each other."
_dav: i ported that c# code to java friday night, and added a moveabletype importer. See akuaku.org

XRG: MacOS X Resource Graph

seti: has some time to go before it matches the excess known as gkrellm2, though

(duplicate, ignore)

(duplicate, ignore)

(Washington Post) CIA Got Uranium Reference Cut in Oct.; Why Bush Cited It In Jan. Is Unclear

firegod: What about the lies? -- "the president has moved on. And I think, frankly, much of the country has moved on, as well."
firegod: CIA- yer it... Bush- blackout, no double taps, no touchback, yer it
A_Young: This bastard URL continually forwards/self-refreshes so I see a blank page forever
A_Young: Could it be the dreaded slashdot effect?
A_Young: dunno if it covers the same ground or not, but Pakistan's Daily Times Editorial is a good read .. "The principle that plain lying to a higher, noble end is acceptable is troublesome enough. In this case, it is even more troublesome to prove that the end was indeed noble enough for Washington and London to have resorted to lies."
A_Young: Whatever the facts may turn out to be around this issue <rolls eyes> the situation right now is one of clear deceit: all three 'coalition' governments (US, UK, AUS) are blaming their respective intel. agencies for the incorrect statements put forward by their leaders in beating the path to war..
A_Young: That just doesn't happen in the real world.

(NY Times) California Dreamin': Old-Fashioned Democracy in a Thoroughly Modern State

firegod: Old-Fashioned Democracy in a Thoroughly Modern State

My Lusty Lady story

AccordionGuy: Guest starring Jillzilla!

a crappy supershape 2-D interactive applet

Supershape, now in 3D

__dav: See also http://www.nature.com/nsu/030331/030331-3.html

holy geez, look at how much faster a G4 is at RC5 than anything else is

deltab: but how quickly can it chop down an oak tree?

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