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Man spits on cop, gets life in jail



matthew: news from a different viewpoint

est never titles his URLs

seti: but it's about developing software or something. IDEs, but not the drive thingy
antifuchs: Jef Raskin (of macintosh fame) speaking about the usability of IDEs and the languages they connect to.

Marriage turns off genius like a tap.

skimpIzu: well what does it do to women scientists?

Committee Takes Cue from Microsoft, Kills US's Toughest Anti-Spam Proposal

A_Young: ".. requiring advertisers to get permission from computer users before sending them unsolicited ads.. "


seti: ha ha Microsoft

charlie tuna unabomber track

aml: best music video ever.


This chick rules!

BananaSlug - adds random words to your Google searches


lemonodor: the internet is shit.
kernelphr34k|lap: fo sho
lemonodor: "If you can't google your blind date, that doesn't make them a freak."
lemonodor: paging google legal dept.
A_Young: "'Oh but what about the stuff you CAN get on the web?' the netheads say. But they're missing the point."
A_Young: "Chant it from the rooftops, spread it across your server, email it to your friends. The internet is shit."
seti: Are they only finding out this now?


lemonodor: "The Economics of Patronage: Why Ticketmaster Hires Open Source Programmers and Sponsors Open Source Development"
lemonodor: i feel like i just found out my arch enemy likes my favorite book.
wmf: do they fund their open source development with the proceeds from their anti-deep-linking lawsuits?
wmf: or does the money come from the monopoly extortion fund?


wmf: why autoconfiguration is a good idea





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