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Google cache raises copyright concerns

coderman: "And technically, any time a Web surfer visits a site, that visit could be interpreted as a copyright violation, because the page is temporarily cached in the user's computer memory."
AaronSw: Last week at ILAW one of the Google lawyers was presenting the 3 trillion ways Google violates copyright law. It was pretty funny.
AaronSw: It was like, "and over here is Google glossary where we take snippets from lots of sites without permission, don't give any form of attribution, put our logo on it and take credit, and then use it to sell ads."

Limitations on liability relating to material online

coderman: it is my personal opinion that google's cache falls under the "transient storage" clause, and also that google qualifies for DMCA service provider safe harbor






burtonator: Winer Watch - Fair use... certainly an aggressive spider



jillzilla: A stormy relationship indeed
Mutiny: No matter how hot she is, somebody, somewhere, is sick of her shit.
Mutiny: Combine utter, polar disagreement on everything, ever, with the fact that I am a text-book Only Child, and she is a violent psychopath, and we're warming up.
Mutiny: I think I actually made this website without knowing it but used a different name and picture.
jillzilla: I found this site a bit alarming until I realized the author was British. That explained a lot.

The distributed.net people got arrested

Funny Ninja Pingpong

Mutiny: As if you needed more proof that japanese people are whacked.
seti: source stream


aml: ESR hits on brad-livejournal's girlfriend


lemonodor: so awesome in so many ways.


lemonodor: massage your powerbook to better wifi reception, maybe.
lemonodor: check the discussion, too
lemonodor: "I've had about three out of twenty odd TiBooks have particularly bad reception, and this fixed it."

Suicide Doors return!

War's Cost Brings Democratic Anger

matthew: Hoo boy wait until they see what our next war is gonna cost....

Tools for subverting democracy

I love how people think the FCC cares about some dumbass tv show's voting procedures.

seti: <_joshua> FCC HEARTS YOU
coderman: <coderman> FCC? AHAHAHAHA

Killer tossed boy after he started screaming

aml: NAGASAKI -- A 12-year-old boy in custody for abducting and murdering a 4-year-old boy has told investigators that he impulsively hurled the victim after he starting crying, sources close to investigations said.

"Stacked dead politicians, stacked to the rafters, line up all you bastards all I want is the truth!"

Angus_Angus: not searchable, but aggresively indexed


National Library of Australia -- National Plan for Australian Newspapers (NPLAN)

Angus_Angus: "The goals of the plan are to locate, acquire, preserve, and make accessible all newspapers ever published in Australia."
Angus_Angus: See also australian newpapers searchable text at QLD DPI, SLQ, VIC libraries,
Angus_Angus: Australian Newspapers online (mostly current issues only, Worldwide Newspapers Online (same problem),

EFA == Australian EFF


_dav: oops, mischump
_dav: fuck you chump


so THIS is how newspapers are sold by the most offensive and obnoxious people on earth! they RECRUIT them that way!

dtm: AND they're willing to do it at $8/hr!!!


matthew: Apparently, Apaches suck.
Mutiny: The motto of the story is: Keep moving.
TheShad: Actually part of an elaborate MS FUD campaign to discredit the Apache name


Mutiny: For extra fun, light the match after you've glued on the flies.

How to Remove NewsMonster

My design of an XML/RDF vocab for modeling random XML into an RDF model

burtonator: via XSLT - best of both worlds
burtonator: didn't catch on... yet
deltab: see also XR

30's vintage flathead supercharger (not GMC)


wmf: Sun is SCO's "silent partner" against Linux

"Antigravity" lifter that hovers when charged with high voltage.

kherr: Make your own
kherr: "The project described in this document uses extremely high-voltage power-sources." Yeah, a 25,000+ volt DC power supply!
kherr: Original source is JLN Labs


Drop Dead Day from thetruth.com

Israel attacks US Navy


wmf: SGI's going out of business; Google world domination on schedule
est: google gets new space


lemonodor: 10 global situations that need more attention. by RAND corp.



lemonodor: available in 3 manly colors.

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