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<Mutiny> i remember once when i was a kid, i was fucking around with the phone lines and i was licking the wires because i thought the little 8v buzz was cool. then somebody called.


firegod: The Responsible Parent's Guide to Healthy Mood-Boosters For all the Family

Macrovision job ad: Program tester (hacker)


PJW's Face


lemonodor: "SHOCKED six-year-old Leah Lowland checked out a mystery bulge on her Incredible Hulk doll ? and uncovered a giant green WILLY."

Stonehenge riddle 'solved.' It's a girl

coderman: "To the builders of the henge, the most critical events in life were birth and death," -- ehehe, primitive fewls...
Mutiny: They also managed to reconstruct and translate a highly worn inscription that reads "dedicated to that which we spend 9 months trying to get out of, and the rest of our lives trying to get back in"
deltab: 9 months? That's a long time to be in labour

SGI announced today that it has agreed to sublease its Amphitheatre Technology Center campus in Mountain View, California to Google Inc.

coderman: in related news, Google has announced the sponsership of one "coderman" and plans to provide him with his own dedicated office space in which to smoke pot profusely and play with robots.

Sony laptops in electric shock risk

Lunch with Warren Buffet -- Currently $121k

uid0: Let's all chip in!!
Mutiny: Does the bid price include lunch?

a "male government soldier"

Marriage may tame genius

coderman: "Creative genius and crime express themselves early in men but both are turned off almost like a tap if a man gets married and has children, a study says."
coderman: my career plan for creative criminal mastermind remains intact.. for now. points 8W yagi at nutz ...
Mutiny: <coderman's sperm> sizzle
coderman: "Dr Kanazawa suggests "a single psychological mechanism" is responsible for this: the competitive edge among young men to fight for glory and gain the attention of women." --- i think he is saying that SINGLE YOUNG MEN LIKE MAKING FUCK


lemonodor: amiga 2000 for sale.
deltab: also a Tyco Super Blocks telephone (Lego-like) - FCC approved etc.

everybody but _joshua ignore

nym: geoimage example, thanks to dav

its the law!

On terror attacks and protecting infrastructure

read this. repost this. tell your friends. same as every other chump url.

\dev\zero: an amusing rant about bush

Terrorists concerned about layoffs

matthew: Yeah civic pride. O-Town 4 lyf3!
dtm: "Look at this, " he says pointing at the TV, "100 people dead in a club in Rhode Island. I was going to bomb that club. I had planned it for two months. Now, what am I going to do?"
dtm: "We went to a lot of trouble to try and drag Iraq into this thing to distract the American people, decimate the stock market and cause fuel prices to rise; thereby crippling interstate commerce. It is a brilliant plan and Bush stole it from us. I am very upset."

a nice review of "i'm with busey"

Mutiny: "You suck the oyster up... and you always keep some on your face to let them know you're proud of them."

Timberjack hexapedal logging machine.

Mutiny: Cuts, strips, and stacks a log without a man ever having to set foot outside the cab.

(Ask /.) Apple-quality Intel laptops


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