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"I see that it works in practice. But does it work in theory?"


Hillary makes this dude eat his shoes!




wmf: XML parser go boom


wmf: Open WiFi access points used by anonymous P2P pirates!



Freshmeat -- Stuff to help with ebay

Britney's boast busts virgin myth

seti: "She also told W she kissed actor Colin Farrell, but added: ``I haven't had a boy in a really long time, and I'm really craving. Just a kiss would be nice.''"
A_Young: /me thinks it's not self-enforced chastity .. wouldn't touch her with a bargepole
A_Young: She's like, 30s, no?


kernelphr34k: Trying to help dtm with a debian package database rebuild.
A_Young: dtm - you know it can't be done, don't you? throw the box away, buy another :P

Our core business is manufacturing and marketing the best quality tobacco products to adults who use them.

dtm: Translation -- our asses have been successfully bruised. Thank you.
A_Young: Ex-Premier of the Australian state of New South Wales now heads the Aussie arm of British Tobacco


blunt and to the point!


How To Rig An Election In The United States

Mutiny: If Bush can do it, it can't be that hard.
kherr: Where they find all kinds of security flaws and a backdoor in Diebold electronic voting machines.
kherr: Also Diebold - The Face of Modern Ballot Tampering. Diebold is controlled by Republican operatives.

Current positions of the inner planets.

On Goree Island, Bush Visit Sparks Anger

kherr: They rounded up the residents and held them in the soccer stadium while Bush had his slavery photo-op.
matthew: How many people were rounded up, and how long were they kept there?
matthew: Who rounded them up? Senegalese police, soldiers, US SS?
matthew: A great example of shitty journalism. They didn't even get comment from any of the other interested parties.
kherr: See also http://www.crosswalk.com/news/1208608.html, reportedly 1000 people arrested.

Dont know what it is? US Military wants to just shoot it.

A_Young: "Sorry, wrong house"
matthew: Blow it up, is that what we said? Well let's blow it up then!

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