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the silver bullet just means you can blow your food off even if you are a vampire


_joshua: visually stunning but ultimately pointless sequel



Laadan - the History of the Language

A_Young: An interesting language created in order to explore what outcomes might occur if there was a language 'for' women
A_Young: cf Klingon

RIAA getting too big for its britches

seti: has some nice links to several filesharing services
A_Young: "three-year slump in music sales" .. anyone seen where this factualisation can be verified/discredited?
A_Young: I'd blame any slump on Clear Channel's dodgy programming
A_Young: cf http://www.bricklin.com/recordsales.htm


seti: I demand to know why ISO-8859-15 (Latin9) is missing from this page
seti: ... probably because that didn't exist yet in 1998, when this page was last updated
seti: it does mention it, actually, but only as something that may happen in the future - and already slams it. sigh

Would you like to bomb Iran?


skimpIzu: big dict

Government Warns of Mass Hacker Attacks

Mutiny: Are they going to raise the terrorism level over this?
A_Young: yes, it's going to purple


eeeeeee: my image of guido


Cold Steel 96BSS Arc-Angel (butterfly knife)

Mutiny: And an expensive one at that!!!
Mutiny: I don't know if I'd pay a 4x premium vs. my Bear butterfly just for titanium handles, but I might.
seti: It handles well though

Dell to Stop Using Prison Labor


(/.) The RMS Interview

matthew: That's GNU/rms
seti: "You're a DGH, RMS -- a dirty GNU hippie! Oh, and you have been trolled."
seti: there is no RMS beside GNU/rms
A_Young: this is to humour as cracked is to mad (people who like cracked won't get that joke)

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