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Men and women compared

thoughts on material investment into open src development

dtm: matthew needs to solve all the problems involved therein, because the world's self promoting hackers seeking independant wealth can't seem to figure it out!
coderman: people have been doing this for ages. it's called "WORK A DAY JOB TO PAY FOR YOUR ART". yes, open source is philanthropic artistry. taking out the trash or coding in COBOL is work.
coderman: if you are lucky, someone decides to "SPONSOR YOU" either with grants, or a nice job doing what you already do FOR PLAY.
dtm: see the comment entitled "How about investing in open source itself?"
coderman: i love the simplistic, stereotypical analysis of middle class versus wealthy. as if, one day, I can decide to make my assests produce income, instead of vice versa, and ITS ALL BETTER< SO SIMPLE>
coderman: (yes, im having a bad day)



seti: URL says it all.

Jobless economic recovery in early 90's and 00's -- we are all cogs in the corporate machine, easily and quickly replaceable.

kherr: "A greater reliance on overtime and temporary and part-time workers..." Meanwhile, Bush is eliminating overtime benefits.
coderman: woo hoo, lets party like its 1932 -- http://www.amatecon.com/gd/gdtimeline.html

DANGER: OpenBSD 3.3 Installation Guide

Angus_Young: Please back up any and all hardware/software in the local vicinity before attempting this procedure

because not everything has to be decentralised

Ian Clarke on why p2p is not hopeless

Campaign to replace chump ;)

Lightning strikes woman's tongue stud

A_Young: ow!

These Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed

A_Young: related pages

British East India Company [Wikipedia]

deltab: "By the middle of the 19th century, the Company's rule extended across most of India, Burma, Singapore and Hong Kong, and a fifth of the world's population was under its authority. The Company had at various stages defeated China, occupied the Philippines, and conquered Java. It had solved its cash crisis needed to buy tea, by exporting Indian-grown opium to China, whose efforts to end the trade led to two wars with Britain."
seti: btw the VOC (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, Dutch United East India Company) 0wned Asian trade throughout the 17th century

my blog

funny comment on "Linus Says Pre-2.6 is Coming"


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