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sateh: Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe


sateh: Apple is taking some time to get a Bluetooth antenna and I/O guts inside its PowerBooks so Matteo Festorazzi couldn't wait any longer: here is his mod to get a PowerBook G4 with real Bluetooth capabilities inside and no dongle attached.

will the G5 be the next Alpha in terms of geek lore?

Baby and a half (approximately)

X-Free XBox exploit - 'full disclosure'

Slashdot post on X-Free XBox exploit

Barry White dead at 58.

matthew: Oh yeah, you really got it together now baby.


matthew: Read this shit today.

Lego Nebuchadnezzar

Linux on XBox without Modchip .. public release of hack

A_Young: "Also from the DMCA: (f) Reverse Engineering. - (1) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (a)(1)(A), a person who has lawfully obtained the right to use a copy of a computer program may circumvent a technological measure that effectively controls access to a particular portion of that program for the sole purpose of identifying and analyzing those elements of the program that are necessary to achieve interoperability... "
A_Young: i guess users of xbox linux could be looked at as qa testers in the attempt to develop xbox linux .. which should certainly be legal they would have to be enabled to provide feedback to some linux developers if they weren't linux developers themselves, and some proportion at least would need to actually give some feedback even if it was just A-OK and the hack would need to be considered not a part of the linux distro being developed
A_Young: is just to enable development in anticipation of the time when microsoft may provide a legal way of running your own OS on the xbox
A_Young: since most linux apps are in a never-ending cycle of development and few even reach 1.0 status, this should present no significant problem

Heavy Marijuana Use Doesn't Damage Brain

A_Young: Only HEAVY USE though. Beware the small joint. Knock back the underpacked cone. You better get serious, mf
A_Young: I wonder if this studies smoking of actual cannabis, or use of refined forms such as the THC pills mentioned .. and whether the refined forms are as harmless as the natural-selection-refined model used and improved for millenia
seti: smoking is harmful of itself too, and I've seen enough cases of people going apeshit because they smoked weed to discount the notion that it's harmless
A_Young: they weren't heavy smokers, that's why


Diary of a Pyro

nym: Reading material for fireworks day
nym: celebrate the usa by blowing up a small part of it!


shump can archive interesting comments by using BLURB:

A_Young: chump not shump
matthew: happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy

groups.google.com -- mururoa atoll fracture

Dry Ice Experiments

Survey Reveals Geographic Illiteracy

A_Young: Oh, yeah, but that's like 6 months ago .. things have way-changed since then. Huh /me flicks hair
A_Young: "About 11 percent of young citizens of the U.S. couldn't even locate the U.S. on a map."
A_Young: "Despite the threat of war in Iraq and the daily reports of suicide bombers in Israel, less than 15 percent of the young U.S. citizens could locate either country." well, right next to EastAsia of course
A_Young: /me bookmarks this page in case anyone asks him thiese tricksy questions
deltab: page shown with an advert: "Get National Geopgraphic And a FREE World Map!"

RFC 3081: Mapping the BEEP Core onto TCP [rfc.net]

IMDb fuzzy search for "my fuzzy ass"

rnc: _joshua's ass

IMDB search for 'brazil'


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