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Isn't UNIX made by fat people? || http://www.achewood.com/index.php?date=12052001 || <nym> NM should not change your default homepage and ask you every time you open moz if you want to upgrade when you really want is to uninstall the fucker <Ash> nym: IT'S A FEATURE || <AccordionGuy> uke: Yes, I keep forgetting that in some cultures, giving away free cookies is the equivalent of peeing in someone's mother's mouth.

AETHER: Wired's Worst Stories: Zippies, The Long Boom, and Push!

lemonodor: worst wired stories evar.
lemonodor: (and maybe the best.)
lemonodor: by the guy that wrote that book.
Ash: this is a good article!
coderman: "A few years later Neil Stephenson delivered a forty-thousand word travelogue on wiring of the planet, starting with the completion of the first transatlantic cable in 1858 and ending with the paranoid adventures of fiber-optic installers running lines through the jungles of Thailand. This one gets my vote as the best Wired story ever."
coderman: that article FUCKING RULED
lemonodor: word.

Meet me in the school yard, beyatch!

Markov modelling of RISK board game strategies. (pdf)

lan_rover: Muahaha! Now if only I could get the stack size larger on my TI-83. I will be unstoppable in Risk tournaments!


blanu: Remember Tranquility Bay? Here's another place run by the same company, in Costa Rica. The government came in to tell the kids they had some rights and they immediately ran out the door to government sanctuary.
nym: this kind of thing happens a lot
blanu: The moral of the story is if you want to abuse children professionally, don't do it in Costa Rica.

The Lone Rider's photos of the Om Festival, Killaloe, Ontario Canada

AccordionGuy: If the Ewoks ran Burning Man and invited Julia Butterfly Hill as a guest speaker, this would be it.
AccordionGuy: On the day of the solstice, the entire camp -- 5,000 people this year -- sat in a field and did a big "OM" chant
AccordionGuy: They had a field called 'Intergalactic Cookie Camp' that gave away free cookies

Octodog makes hot dogs fun!

Burning Man 1999's Best Accordion Picture Ever


firegod: _joshua> Bastards



skimpIzu: all the presidents

How wired came to existenze

coderman: "Laced into the basic plot line are details that provide a feel for the kind of trendy grunge capitalism that permeated the San Francisco new media scene in the 1990s. There is prodigious pot smoking and copious bar crawling, spliced with investment bankers offering visions of initial stock offerings promising countless riches for a money-losing media startup."
coderman: _prodigious pot smoking_ !!! i am in good company. one day I will be rich, filthy rich, and make a bong out of a GOLD TOILET (thank you capitalism)

SPeakEasy offering "NetShare" wireless hotspot program for consumer DSL subscribers to 'resell' wifi net bandwidth to neighbors

ZUUL: am i the only one who sees this as an attempt to cash in?
coderman: Are you questioning their ALTRUISTIC MOTIVES???
A_Young: Cash in now. Kthx
ZUUL: so very questioning. also, why does my boss think we should do something like this?
A_Young: if I answer your question, your boss owes me $5

Australian IT sector still scared of linux

Ash: can you blame them with people like ESR around? ;-)

World Wide War Drive in operation from now till July 5th

Wifi in the woods - teaching kids about nature using wireless networks

Ash: If you're going to go to the woods, leave your computer behind KTHX


matthew: Paranoia is patriotic.

Satellite photos show evidence of oil being pumped through Kuwait.

matthew: While officially Iraqi infrastructure won't be capable of pumping and transporting oil for a few weeks to come, it looks like someone is already routing a great deal of it through Kuwait into the Gulf, possibly to pay for an unpopular foreign war just finished.
A_Young: Some old guy with a PC and internet ..
A_Young: /me hides under table waiting for air strike being called in by old guy

WMD found in Iraq, but keeping it quiet to avoid embarrassment (editorial)

A_Young: this one is a bomb, so to speak. watch this space .. explode!
A_Young: ooh this is good .. where it mentions Indonesia, you can catch up on how they're doing there here

AP Wire | U.S. Develops Urban Surveillance System

firegod: Big Brother is watching you, where ever you go, whatever you do. Hey, hows canada this time of year?
A_Young: when Ohio News pulls the story you will find it here in google usenet cache
A_Young: aka 'why do they hate us?'
A_Young: even a quaint two paragraphs on privacy concerns, down at the bottom of the page, nice touch :D (30+ par story) Well, if someone's gotta spy on us, who else would you trust except the good ol' US of A? Certainly not Australia "MAN: Australia's playing a big spy. Yes, spies of the Pacific. They tap every phone, every fax and everything."
A_Young: Australia vs Pacific story continued here (basically about how in spite of bribery being a no-no for the US, it's fine for us to bribe small pacific nations, but not ok for China to do there
lan_rover: I'm not interested until they develop the Urban Shower Surveillance System.
lan_rover: I'll be whitehouse.gov's number one subscriber

recovery-oriented-computing delight

Mutiny: Who here as punched their monitor, raise their hands...
eeeeeee: Current systems crash and freeze so frequently that people become violent.
eeeeeee: see especially "fault injection in glibc"

Not In Our Name Music

Regulatory Fees on the 802.11 Broadcast Spectrum? Someone has to pay!

deltab: "You can't just expect the government or private industry to make spectrum all day long and then give it away."
matthew: Dumbasses. Nobody "makes" spectrum. Everyone knows it's mined in the South African spectrum mines.
deltab: "This is exactly why we need to stop worrying so much about the environment and start spectrum-drilling in Alaska. Otherwise we will become too dependent on foreign spectrum."
Mutiny: We should have pleanty of spectrum from when we invaded Iraq.
deltab: And what about Afghanistan? It's not like the Taliban used it all up.
Mutiny: If we could just figure out how to get the spectrums to mate we could take them off the endangered species list.

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