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Adam Sandler skit turned to real life. although with fake vodka tonics instead of notebook paper.

lemonodor: "Even on plain tonic water, the male students flirted with Seema as she conducted the experiment and the girls giggled a lot."
matthew: OMG they've discovered the placebo effect!

Behold the Pentaquark

Hacking the WAP11, at the Seattle Wireless wiki.



dopp: Netgear ME102 802.11B AP
dopp: Info on page dated; actually does 128-bit WEP, etc.

George W. Bush's resume on craigslist

Happy Tales for Uplifting Summer Reading

Child Torture in Jamaica

Welcome to The Machine

Protest the fuck out of S11^H^H^H umm S13 WTO meeting

Angus_Young: Call for global rallies on date of WTO meeting in Mexico

jonas____, abcde@ip68-99-238-106.ph.ph.cox.net (sminfo) is an annoying fuck

seti: /ignore jonas_* joins parts crap
Angus_Young: o/~ my name is jonas .. and i'm carrying the whale .. thanks for all you've shown us ... this is how we feel ... o/~


Angus_Young: "All models appearing on the site were at least 18 years of age at the time their photographs were taken as per 18 U.S.C. section 2257."
Angus_Young: this site is dated .. Clinton era ;)

The Man who Invented the Twentieth Century - Nikola Tesla, Forgotten Genius of Electricity

Angus_Young: <dav^> tesla's birthday is coming up, i think july 10
Angus_Young: "Everybody knows that Thomas Edison devised electric light and domestic electricity supplies, that Guglielmo Marconi thought up radio and George Westinghouse built the world's first hydro-electric power station. Everybody knows these 'facts' but they are wrong."
Angus_Young: "The man who dreamt up these things also invented, inter alia, the flourescent light, seismology, a worldwide data communcations network and a mechanical laxative. His name was Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American scientist, and his is without doubt this century's greatest unsung scientific hero."
Angus_Young: he may even have been responsible for the spooky tunguska explosion in 1908
Angus_Young: "Tesla died January 7, 1943, alone, and all but forgotten, in a New York hotel room, paid for by a meager stipend provided by the Yugoslavian government."
Angus_Young: this makes me feel sick
Angus_Young: [Tesla's US patents - complete listing (and a very nice photo)]
Angus_Young: Tesla's Last Known Living Assistant's Recorded Statement is kinda unbelievable in parts, but highlights how many things we take for granted that are still used 100 years later which Telsa invented - I guess the guy was really old when this was recorded, so I would not believe anything in it without confirmation from sources co-temporal with the actual inventions
Angus_Young: Tesla was notoriously bad at the business side of things and secretive, so we will never really know the full extent of his discoveries, I guess, especially since the FBI stole his stuff when he kicked the bucket
Mutiny: Link in comment 8 says Tesla invented the vibrator.


inluminent/weblog: The Truth about TV advertising

lemonodor2: tivo advertising data.
deltab: proportion of ads viewed seems to be inversely proportional to a program's rating

The last resort: Tranquility Bay, a 'behaviour-modification centre' in Jamaica

lemonodor2: amazing
lemonodor2: http://www.difficultteens-tranquilitybay.com/
lemonodor2: survivors, and the still-programmed: http://www.voy.com/58570/
seti: From reader feedback on the Observer article: "American society is different from ours, they seem to be all in favour of physical violence as they find it easier to do than reason, which is not something some american parents are good at."
seti: "Amazing" is an understatement. I am appalled and disgusted.
jillzilla: I had friends who were locked in inpatient facilities when I was 17. This sounds even worse than what they experienced, by a lot.


lemonodor2: my cat is way more stoned than your cat


lemonodor2: Mr. Shrimp Scampi Jr. gets his shrimp on.

Linux on iPod

wmf: yeah, but does it run L--
Mutiny: Just wait until you see the iPad...

Donuts at WWDC2003

cwj: mmmm krispy kreme
lemonodor2: "ok, now we're not leaving until we've got this Echo thing figured out! settle in for the long haul, boys."


cellphone geophotos


Mac GNU Privacy Guard

Linking the new eastern span of the bay bridge to Yerba Buena

matthew: pictures

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