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<AccordionGuy> QUICK, SOMEONE CALL THE EMERGENCY NEOLOGIST! :[p || Whither the weather?

mischump (it's a patch to Net::IRC)



deltab: not as amusing as NTK's Tracking
deltab: and not weekly


Apparent Weaknesses in the Security Dynamics Client/Server Protocol

coderman: good overview of how securid tokens are used in a network based authentication protocol

Nice try! (now die...)

Hektor, a spray-painting robot


Aussiechip dares Microsoft to sue

Penny Arcade

coderman: they need to be uglier
coderman: preferably with those "stink" lines that indicate complete lack of personal hygiene


Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten - the TV commercial

Ash: ha ha hahaha

India's summer heat comes with rash of student suicides

coderman: a 'B' !?!? sob time to die...

Young Boys' Wankdorf erection woe

coderman: such a provacative title, yet tame 'G rated' content ...



A_Young: similarly

AccordionGuy at the Naked News Party, February 2003

Bowel Buddy Brand Biscuits

This is the human-readable version of [a Word 2000 doc|http://www.oxfam.org.nz/MexicoCSPreport.doc] about amaranth cultivation being revived in Mexico

A_Young: ".. following the Spanish Conquest, these people were forbidden to grow, eat or use this nutritious and beautiful plant, and it disappeared from their culture almost completely... Because it has more high-quality protein than cow's milk, a family of five can grow enough amaranth to feed themselves on just 24 square metres of land"
A_Young: "Since the introduction of the NAFTA 'Fair' Trade Agreement, many of the farmers in this village have seen their traditional income from sales of maize virtually disappear, as cheap maize pours in from the US. Many of the villagers have been forced to emigrate, often illegally, to find work. Amaranth may offer their best hope of retaining and restoring a living culture." hmm I wonder how long before US farmers insist on the right to
A_Young: olise this crop too?
A_Young: I found a pack of this shit in the breakfast cerial aisle at the local supermarket. 17% protein, 11% fibre, 73% carb, 0% sugar, 8 essential aminos plus 14 non-essential
A_Young: This stuff puffed tastes nutty with a distinct but subtle corn aftertaste
A_Young: It's not truly a grain .. compare with quinoa another interesting South American staple, which is a grain with a similar protein content and amino acids, but way low on the glycemic index (which is good)

The Linux Prayer

'Keep on bonking', infertile couples advised

Mutiny: Best news article title ever.

XML for rock excavation

Mutiny: Two words: restricted access

Thomas Friedman on Google

lemonodor2: http://www.quicktopic.com//22/H/ML6fX7t8ZMX

USB 2.0 Versus FireWire 400

kherr: "Despite USB 2.0's 80 Kbps speed advantage over FireWire, our testing showed that the additional overhead of USB 2.0 made it slower than FireWire. For high-bandwidth devices such as external hard drives, the difference was as high as 70 percent."


lemonodor: Bloated Incomprehensible Catastrophe

SixApart - Why We Need Echo

Ash: Do not read this if you don't care about RSS
Mutiny: technology down here _ hype, politics, and jibber jabber up here ^

Crawford Peace House

kherr: Some peace activists have bought a house near Bush's Cowboy Ranch so they can be in his face.
kherr: LA Times article (requires registration)


My DivX archive


kernelphr34k: Chump Homepage - FYI


sateh: ''
sateh: ""
kernelphr34k: sateh does not know how to use chump properly
sateh: Show me the manual.
burtonator: fuck that is funny


sateh: Dave made his point.

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