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informal #ia get-together, Sunday, 7pm, Blake's at 2367 Telegraph, Berkeley || <Mutiny> MEAT IS MURDER. AND MURDER TASTES PRETTY FUCKING YUMMY.

a picture mocking ray charles

ANGLEE: i don't know why this is so funny



seti: Ash's wacko fortune cookie supplier.
Ash: It should be noted that the chinese food I obtained from there today wasn't the greatest. This is sad.
seti: A sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad day

Scripting News is taking a break.

Ash: Not apparently enough of one...
Ash: <dwiner> It's inhuman, especially considering that my health isn't that good.
Ash: burtonator, you big meanie
Ash: He's bad-tempered, egotistical, overconfident, and he's a poor writer and communicator. He a lot of ideas, but his execution is horrible. Among others, I would personally be very happy if Dave Winer dropped off of the face of the internet.
Ash: Nobody loves me. Everybody is yelling at me. Fine, you don't like what I am saying, so I am taking my site down. Now just see how awful the internet is without me. ~ an actual quote from some camgirl's page
Ash: dave = camgirl
_joshua: "I am holding my breath until I turn blue."
Ash: maybe someone can fix scripting.com's dns just like they fixed freenode's so we can enjoy an internet without scripting.com
Ash: --> burtonator (~burton@adsl-67-114-20-29.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net) has joined #infoanarchy
_joshua: =

United States APEC Home

Charter of the Arab League

matthew: Looks like a pan-arab version of the EU.

Public Library of Science to launch

GabeW: Saw ad on TV



lemonodor2: uke.


_joshua: The solution to mutiny's nightmares

NESL: A Parallel Programming Language

Simulated Participant In Mutiny's Dream Last Night

Why soy is bad for you

Greenleft July 2, 2003 -- ASIO law: a serious threat to civil liberties

A_Young: "On June 26, federal parliament passed the controversial Australian Security Intelligence Organisation legislation. The powers given to ASIO and the Australian Federal Police are the most serious threat to civil liberties in our lifetime and without precedent in peacetime. They make Australian security laws the most repressive in the Western world."
A_Young: If the link doesn't work try the GreenLeft archive copy
A_Young: also from same GreenLeft issue What the law allows
A_Young: ASIO (Australian SS^H^HFBI) HAVE JUST BEEN EFFECTIVELY GRANTED THE ABILITY TO IMPRISON ANYONE IN AUSTRALIA AGED 16 OR OVER FOR 5 YEARS FOR NO REASON AT ALL, just because they want to. Coming soon to a totalitarian reg^H^H^HWestern Demoracy (TM) near you
A_Young: One saving grace - currently there is a 3 yr sunset clause. Presumably that will be amended soon.
A_Young: Expect a High Court challenge
A_Young: I guess we were too busy protesting the refugee issue here and we missed the big one
rnc: google cache


We are an empire. It's possible to be a good one

kherr: "Send the guys who created Burning Man over to Iraq. They build a better society than the one they left behind every year out in the desert..."


Apple Store North Michigan Avenue, Chicago

iPAQ running Mac OS


Neat - full dns client lib for Python

GabeW: Even includes NAPTR records!

Is Hussein Owner of Crashed UFO?

kherr: "The USA is currently reverse-engineering the Rosewell craft and fears that Saddam's scientists may become even more successful...[and] give Iraq a considerable advance and even make it a leading super power."



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