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informal #ia get-together, Sunday, 7pm, Blake's at 2367 Telegraph, Berkeley

Lawsuit against Idealab denied

Ash: lemonodor saves the day yet again, with the new ER3 "Lawyer Edition"


The Filthy Critic

ZUUL: we love you, filthy!


See the Digerati dither, daily

seti: Featuring the Friendster founder today, who explains that people prefer websites that are offline often because they're "more comfortable with the approach."
seti: (ok that was taken slightly out of context)

yoga is a religion for sex addicts

dtm: article hosted by dubya's church

the first lady's recipe box

letters to dubya from kids

Whiny middle manager bitches are unemployed, ha ha



i am a consumer whore

Ash: and this is news how?

Someone looks high

cwj: The one who looks incredibly high is Pete Ashdown, owner of XMission
cwj: Mr. Ashdown was unavalible for comment
cwj: and then i got high, and then i got high, and then i got hiiiiiiiiigh
rnc: and who's that polite lady ? (that's a lady, right ?)
cwj: i move this all be stricken from the record

Advogato | Open Investment

wmf: um, wow


home-made cd/dvd changer robot


Ash: PUMP UP YOUR PENI.. er.. pen is mightier, sorry


Ash: Just in case you were wondering
Ash: Brought to you by AshBot 5000
Ash: <-- burtonator has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
cwj: --> burtonator (~burton@adsl-66-121-142-74.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net) has joined #infoanarchy


FOAF for Burning Man (beta)

nymble: do the electric boogaloo!


Brilliant IDEA!

A carbon copy of the previous posting

Are You in RIAA's Cross Hairs?

burtonator: "They may go after people who are on really large pipes and seem to be uploading a lot," said Bram Cohen, a P2P programmer who developed BitTorrent. Or, the RIAA could "find someone who is unimportant but typical of everybody out there, and just sue them to make their life miserable to send a message."



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