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<Mutiny> I refuse to use a word for a reputation economy that is named after an activity on the Arsenio Hall show.


Pot doesn't cause permanent brain damage

Ash: so it must be one of those other drugs that is to blame in coderman's case..


firegod: Dept of Homeland Security faxing like a spammer

School Artist of the Week is Ranjana Patel of Broomhill Bank

lemonodor: goatse.cx run through some photoshop filters.
burtonator: is it really? I was at a fucking coffee shop!
lemonodor: maybe i just see homages to goatse.cx everywhere.

Peeping Tom uses hi-tech camera to look up skirts

coderman: "Rich was booked for a misdemeanour offence of "taking photographs of skin or underwear when there is an expectation of privacy" before been released. -- thats the strangest crime iv'e heard in a while
Ash: <coderman> they finally caught me :-(
coderman: you would think itd be something straightfoward, like "MISDEMEANOUR - PEEPING TOM"

MetalStorm makes news again.

coderman: i'm holding out for the civilian model

Consumer boycott of RIAA labels and music

Dear Carb Solutions...

uid0: I LOVE YOU



NetZero Job Posting System | Senior Security Engineer

Study: Pot Doesn't Cause Permanent Brain Damage

DragonFax: But the game below will.

Ganja Farmer

Young Boys' Wankdorf erection woe

seti: What's in a headline


The Graduate of Porn Star High

coderman: "That Spring, Houston, a busty blonde in her thirties on her own hunt for fame, decided to take on the title challenge for Gangbang Queen in The Houston 500."
Mutiny: When I read that the kid said he wanted to become an actor, I thought that was kind of silly. Then I realized that if he was able to convince his porn star girlfriend that he was okay with her getting 500 loads dumped on her face, then this kid has Oscar potential.
coderman: actually, many of the loads landed on her back or stomach. she didn't do many facials.
coderman: not that i watched ir or anything.. .. yeah.
Mutiny: Not that coderman didn't watch it till the damn tape wore out, or anything...
coderman: hey man, I switched to digital rips after my VHS of debbie does dallas snapped in slow mode.

<burtonator> er... crap

Anna Gitlin - Russian Hottie PsychoCrazyGirl

More driver action

cryptomail: unadulterated with flash for your perusing pleasure

windshield murder conviction and timeline

Mutiny: I wonder what the homeless dude was saying while he was sticking through her window. "You fucking bitch..." probably wouldn't have gotten her to help him.

CrackCam, home of the Crack Dance

matthew: I expect "crackdance" to be like "hamsterdance"

What is RIAA Radar?

A_Young: "When you run the RIAA Radar from an Amazon album detail page, it uses Amazon Web Services to get the album information. It then checks the record label data of the Amazon item against a database of the current list of RIAA members, and returns the result."


Man eats own toes

matthew: Would you like a toe sandwich?

IntyOS, an operating system for the Intellivision

deltab: screenshot thumbnail
Mutiny: really all I have to say is... couldn't this guy think of something better to do with his time than rolling an OS in assembly for his intellivision?


Supremes declare sodomy legal, Strom Thurmond dies. Coincidence?

matthew: w00t!
_joshua: Do we know if he was told of the supreme court decision?
_joshua: cuz, if he was, like, unconscious at the time, that would suck.
_joshua: unless peter gets to tell him at the pearly gates.
_joshua: i wonder if they get cnn up there
A_Young: Oh I thought you meant the Supremes as in the band ...
skimpIzu: yes, i was contracted to lay lines and routers

Minitasking - Visual Gnutella Filesharing

Making a snowman has sexual hidden motive

cryptomail: see http://www.dazereader.com/001180.htm not so subtle

Slashdot comment: Consumer hypocrisy?

wmf: let's see what the mods make of this one
AccordionGuy: HOT GRITS

The Hot Box Cafe in Toronto

AccordionGuy: Coderman must visit
AccordionGuy: So must matthew
AccordionGuy: coderman and matthew -- #infoanarchy's answer to Jay and Silent Bob

My new bicycle

Former Sen. Strom Thurmond listed in "guarded condition"

Ash: 20:40 < burtonator> die motherfucker!

Charming Python: Functional programming in Python, Part 1

Slashdot comment: Of course his "compound" was raided

"Do Not Fly Kites or Balloons"

Teenage developer denied at WWDC

druework: of course, this kid is too young to know we've heard it all before
burtonator: in my day all we had was Linux and we LIKED it!
druework: if he were smart, he would have a fake ID


wmf: another thing for coderman to drool over

German bank notes carry the highest amount of cocaine


Wired News: 'Nice Bombs Ya Got There'

wmf: mmm, see-through clothing

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