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<AccordionGuy> "Don't make me Ang Lee. You wouldn't like me when I'm Ang Lee." || #info-youradhere-anarchy sells out


lemonodor: the bee attack you guys missed.

Bowel Buddy wafers


blanu: The Circle. Where the fun is at in P2P today.

Rys McCusker's blog

coderman: note that there and elsewhere (in the treedragon archives for example) whenever you see 'censored' just view as HTML and look for the entry in HTML comments.
Mutiny-: What the hell? Who cares?


firegod: the real tax plan

The Road to Oceania

Supreme Court refuses to hear Nike "corporate free speech" trial

Schuyler: The decision allows a California activist to continue with their lawsuit against Nike for allegedly lying about Third World sweatship conditions
zool: The Bush administration backed Nike in the case, arguing that a defeat for the company would turn private corporate critics such as activist Marc Kasky into censors or de facto government fraud-busters. boggle

Supreme Court overturns Texas anti-sodomy law

coderman: wow, glad I never had anal sex with my wife in texas!!

C++ sucks

Airports considering use of new "Naked Scanners"

coderman: "She stepped into a metal booth that bounced X-rays off her skin to produce a black-and-white image that revealed enough to produce a world-class blush. Her dark skirt and blazer disappeared on the monitor, where she showed up naked except for the gun and bomb she had hidden under her outfit."
seti: boo^Hmbs hidden under her clothes, eh
uid0: "It does basically make you look fat and naked, but you see all this stuff," Hallowell said.

Scientists discover strange new form of high atmospheric lightening that reaches upwards of 60 miles into the sky.

coderman: "These things are so spectacular, and so startling, and we're just finding it this late in the game," said Walt Lyons of FMA Research in Fort Collins, Colo. ... "It's sort of like biologists announcing we've discovered a new human body part," Lyons said. "We thought we knew everything that was up there and, lo and behold, we don't."



skimpIzu: vote bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 2003-06-24 22:10:56 PST Subject: German paper Die Welt covers microwave harassment!

A_Young: Having the neighbours for dinner

Microsoft sues wrong guy (not a spammer at all)


blanu: Don't click this. I know I wish I hadn't.
Mutiny: The third spotter who was standing behind the lifter was unfortunately sprayed with fecal matter at the time of the incident. This spotter promptly fainted when he realized the extent of of the injury to the lifter, who was a personal friend.
DragonFax: Thank god for lynx, I can read the comments without having to repress the memory.
DragonFax: Think "tubgirl"

WorldLink Mosaic: News from the Middle East

matthew: Includes streaming video.

Phase Relationships in the Standardization Process

Speech recognition in Linux

blanu: This is generally obsolete information as everything is either no longer available, only a demo, crashes, or is based on ViaVoice for Linux (which is no longer available).
A_Young: What about Sphinx? There is Sphinx-2 currently and Sphinx-3 in the pipeline?
A_Young: How about
blanu: Yeah this is the same stuff from the other page.
A_Young: but there's more of it! (it is dated 2002 btw)


A_Young: Some Italian accordian-using bands
A_Young: for a real laugh, find The Vintage - Paul from Brighton - an Italian singer making fun of their British roadie


A_Young: 'Site Content' section - google have ruled themselves out of advertising on _the entire web_
A_Young: well, everything i've seen, anyway

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

AccordionGuy: Better than art school, it would seem. And no need to draw the turtle or pirate.

Generic Rendezvous peer-to-peer service proxy

chrysflame: not a mischump, ha
A_Young: first today

SomaFM: Musical Starstreams [playlist]


skimpIzu: jpeg2000
A_Young: J2K .. J to the 2 to the J2K K K K
skimpIzu: my discussion with the developer of jp2k lib
A_Young: "One of the tradeoffs appears to be a 10X cost in CPU utilization for libjasper jp2/jpc encoding vs. libjpeg encoding."
A_Young: (current implementation as May 27, 2003)

Motorola iDEN software API documentation



A_Young: this is a good usenet posting on copyright applying to usenet postings, by a guy who got info from a lawyer .. but it's from 1994 and I need to know more, specifically about fair use
A_Young: anyone got any links?
A_Young: this is another good posting from the same discussion thread
coderman: http://www.iupui.edu/~history/spring00/plagiarism.html - how to avoid academic misconduct. This is a good guide for avoiding copyright infringement, ensuring fair use, and providing convincing argument with supporting references
A_Young: this argument probably matters also

SCO may audit IBM's AIX customers


A_Young: "One of the authors of 'Secret Weapons', Cheryl Hersha, which is the true story of two little girls taken into the CIA's mind control program, has requested to hear from any child survivor of the MKUltra program, who would be interested in a class-action lawsuit against the CIA."


A_Young: have you ever seen more ads than this on a single page? where is the content?
A_Young: don't these people make a browser or something?
A_Young: i was looking for the people who made javascript a standard, but i got this
A_Young: /me looks for the porn ads


Hitachi announces 250GB Serial ATA drive in Deskstar series

wmf: in case you fear WD
seti: Deskstar, Deathstar - what's a few letters between pals?

Mark Hammill at "The Hulk" premiere

AccordionGuy: The man somehow can make a reasonably cool oputfit look dorky. The Force is strong in him.

Matt Jones' "Neocon" decepticon T-shirt

Yes, AccordionGuy saw the Lego accordion player picture


seti: Speaking of RSS...


firegod: Freaky messed up nose of the day

Uh, Jet, maybe you should lay off the carbs. Like your date, though...

seti: I am... unconvinced.


DragonFax: Thats a man, baby!


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