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<AccordionGuy> "Don't make me Ang Lee. You wouldn't like me when I'm Ang Lee."


coderman: god bless wireless. browsing my archive of 1G of scanning logs always cheers me up.

Forum 2000, post-melt down.

Mutiny: Your Vexing Moral Issues Are Irrelevant




chrysflame: chump got a BJ today!









Not quite not legal, or in other words, light up, yo!

coderman: I am moving.

Linux market share is rising to second place above apple by next year ... ON THE DESKTOP

AccordionGuy: From a Microsoft-owned site. Sow discord amongst the non-hostiles. It's the tactic I'd use if I were in their shoes.
coderman: "As a brand, Linux is anti-corporate and anti-consumerist, but skip the neo-Marxist gift economy theories that have sprung up around Torvalds. He's more like the Crazy Eddie of software: His prices are insaaane!"
coderman: ehehe, who the fuck coins these analogies?

Google Search: "Don't make me Ang Lee"

Man Admits Copying 'The Hulk' Before Premiere

coderman: what is interesting is the kind of watermarking technology they used to trace the film. It sounds as if the guy tried to scrub the watermark out and failed.
Mutiny: "Obviously, if this behavior went unchecked, we would not be able to produce and deliver films of the caliber of 'The Hulk' to the movie going public at large," he said.
Ash: Oh the irony
Ash: so if the behaviour went unchecked, we'd have better quality movies?
AaronSw: duh. because people would watch the movie on the internet, see it was bad, and then not go see it in theaters

AccordionGuy's Revised House Rules

_joshua: "No sex with minors unless AccordionGuy is allowed to watch"
uke: "All regular guests must remember Magnum PI airing for the first time"
_joshua: "No naked accordion playing."

Sony CEO calls iTunes Music Store a "wakeup call"


_joshua: the path of least surveilance



lemonodor's top ten concerns ahead of socializing

_joshua: 10. huffing woolite
AccordionGuy: 9. Wondering if those things in "Raisin Bran" really are raisins
AccordionGuy: 8. "Did I close all those parens properly?
lemonodor: continually rotating friendster photos

Ugandan rebels abduct schoolgirls

coderman: it can always be worse ...

Google cache | "sheryl crow" accordion naked

Google's Ads for AccordianGuy's blog

AaronSw: geek blog ads: audio blogging, python software tools, weblog host server


Ash: <coderman> i don't have anything to do at work, can you tell?

You can run me over anytime


Mutiny: E-meter is on the far right.
seti: We're in the old West!


Mutiny: Hot Young Russian Software Engineering attempts to run-over police officer


Wasn't this a scene from an old "Star Trek" episode?

AccordionGuy: "We're all goin' to Eden, brother! I am NOT HERBERT!"
uid0: you better go
uid0: i am going
chrysflame: sounds like a blast
uke: did that actually complete??

How a Scientologist can help your failing restaurant

AccordionGuy: "I just knew that the new guy was putting ball chowder in the clam chowder!"

Music Labels Threaten to Sue Net Users

coderman: "The embattled music industry disclosed aggressive plans Wednesday for an unprecedented escalation in its fight against Internet piracy, threatening to sue hundreds of individual computer users who illegally share music files online."
coderman: who didn't see this coming?
seti: RIAAA is expected to file hundreds of lawsuits over the the next few months. Who is surprised to learn that record company executives are usually lawyers?


lemonodor: how many times has this happened to you?
coderman: The "Contact Assist" also works great when you slam your cock in the bathroom door.
seti: How many body thetans can dance on a pinhead?

Fed cuts rate down again. 1 point off from zero!

coderman: yay, I always felt left out when the japanese had their decades of prolonged deflation. NO LONGER


uid0: my sexy new bag
kernelphr34k: It's so sexy, even the family dog wants one!

Ray's advice column

coderman: QUESTION: "My girlfriend and I broke up but are still great friends, seeing as we always have a good time even when our pants are on. We want to keep spending time together and also have sex together, but also see other people. Is this a bad idea?"
coderman: ANSWER: Okay, so you have this lady who wants no commitment but still wants to regularly “Enact a Humping Congress” with you. Obviously that’s a pretty decent situation, but as soon as she’s got all kinds of slimy guys on her “roster” you’re probably going to feel weird about “Collecting Taxes From That Ass.” This is basically turning into a situation where someone wakes up with “AIDS” so I guess you should just double-bag your
Ash: You know what my secret is? I have all these CDs from Pottery Barn, like all tango and mambo music that was recorded just for Pottery Barn, and I pop those in the changer. Damn, it.s like puttin. the evening on auto-pilot.
Ash: You don.t want to play some really loud, powerful song about how Ted Nugent loves to look at his own balls, but you also don.t want to play a song about how that guy from Smashing Pumpkins wishes he was a dead butterfly.

Consumers Are in Dark On Web-Site Privacy

Research: Teens victimized in police Explorers program

coderman: lets give a big cheer for law enforcement!
coderman: notice how its all the police who are molesting the young girls and boys. no firefighters, medical workers mentioned that also participate in the explorer program.
DragonFax: "When you have repeated incidents across the country, a new one every month, that's a real problem," says study co-author Sam Walker.
DragonFax: Holy shit! One incident is a problem, you fuck head.
coderman: I love america. grow pot and get 20 years in a federal prison due to mandatory sentencing that removes judicial prudence. MOLEST LITTLE GIRLS and get weekends in jail for a year?
coderman: where MOLEST == waking up teens with your dick in their crotch on a camping trip.
coderman: fucking hell, I wish i took the blue bill
coderman: "For example, in March, a judge reduced charges against former Woodlake, Calif., police officer Eric Martinez from three felony charges to a misdemeanor after the officer, in a plea deal, admitted he had sex with a 17-year-old girl in the Explorer program. He was ordered to perform community service and was placed on probation."

Moving boxes for porn

DragonFax: trade him with boxes filled with more porn
DragonFax: If he'd only looked a page down, "Free moving boxes."
coderman: but is it good porn?


DragonFax: Hahaha, the last item brings it all together.

Sesame Street Disco


American Apology Shirt

Gnutella Webcache


Lik-Sang founder speaks out on Nintendo court case, via TheRegister

Mutiny: He's right, there is no hardware copy-protection in the GB or GBA cartridges. I guess Nintendo should have put the 10NES in em.

Sam Tramiel, CEO of Atari, talks about Jaguar. This would be 1989?

matthew: His degree of overoptimism and dissociation from reality reminds me of Bush wrt postwar Iraq.

The Selling of the Iraq War

Political fallout over Iraq rattling US

kherr: "The White House is directing its displeasure at certain figures in the Defense Department and questioning the 'neo-conservative' lobbyists who wish to impose what they call Pax Americana on the world."
matthew: "Bush realises this is more crucial for his presidency than anything else," And that, to quote a wise green thing, is why you failed.


lemonodor: "I just had to preserve this gem of a job posting as a memento of the Bush II economic nadir."

TUBGIRL - avert your eyes

deltab: For "avert" read "gouge out".

iSight: The First Five Minutes

Rotisserie Cooking Chart

executive summary of the top supercomputers

wmf: SETI@Home is not a computer


Mutiny: GPS?

Dalek Love

dopp: Naked chick entangled with Dalek

RHEX, hexapedal robot that scoots


wmf: dude, just get a Mac


lemonodor: i am a sweet gherkin
lemonodor: http://www.foundmagazine.com/notes/pagemelater.html


wmf: "you bought too many of our databases, suckers!" -- Larry Ellison
Mutiny: "We are in the business of selling databases and you all have bought too many of them," Ellison told the crowd of 8,500 attendees. "Hold on a second while I hit this pipe," Ellison then stated as he drew a long breath from a smoking glass tube.
Mutiny: Ellison said that he believed that the deal would be good for customers, and promised that Oracle would not kill off any PeopleSoft product lines, only PeopleSoft employees, and especially, executives.

Sequitur, a method for inferring compositional hierarchies from strings

deltab: Sequitur's logo: over the name arch branches of a tree

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