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<drue> will newsmonster 1.0 run on The One True Operating System? <burtonator> Emacs?

watch this again

Ash: this one actually works



since everyone is lusting after hig performance hardware these days (dual G5's, power4's, etc)

coderman: one day you will be able to buy this kind of power in a desktop system. one day a long time from now that is.

Space impact 'saved Christianity'

<lemonodor> i just want to build a banach-tarski sphere

coderman: i read this, and at one point I actually thought I understood it. then the letters started dancing and I had to hide in the bathroom until the flashback passed.


_joshua: Why Johnny Can't Code



companies increasingly use riddles and puzzles in interviews as a pointless measure of mental acumen with exceptional annoyance capacity.

coderman: "In one discouraging study conducted by Harvard University psychologists, interviewers were found to make up their minds about a candidate within just two seconds of seeing the person. The revelation could mean that brain teasers -- or any other interview questions for that matter -- add little value to the selection process."


firegod: IBM Power Arch Plans

Oh noe! the Mac G5 benchmarks were tweaked to mislead the sheeps!

coderman: check the fan mail at the bottom, the best part.
coderman: man, they really fucked these benchmarks. using a special single threaded allocator for the G5, disabling hyperthreading on the intel systems, using unoptimized compilers for the intel, but highly optimized compilers for the mac tests, etc, etc.
Mutiny: Here's one for the people that believe an Apple can ever out perform a similarly priced x86 system.
coderman: this guys 'misleading' asserstions are misleading
coderman: .. the truth lies somewhere in the middle. i think this guy is pissed off, like me, because WE WANTED TO BELIEVE, REALLY, and then we find a bunch of cheap tweaks in the test methodology.

Twenty Days in Spring

coderman: light, uplifting reading for a nice summer day ...


coderman: wow, a big fucking grey box on a black background! WOO HOO! now that is entertainment.
coderman: <nek0> coderman: it isn't that big
Ash: install flash you weenie

How to Burn Xbox Games and Copy Protected CDs

coderman: "You have to make sure that the drive is hot enough to burn it properly like Trogdor burninates the peasants."

Harvard research into alien abductees

A_Young: I've experienced the hypnopopic sleep paralysis of which they speak, and even without hallucinations or alien abductions it's pretty darn wierd
A_Young: although with reductionalist rationalist methods, apparently it's a walk in the park

Hopes medical breakthroughs a financial boon for Aust

A_Young: discovery channel report
A_Young: Bracks opens US biotech centre
A_Young: Premiers selling biotech
A_Young: invest in Australian biotech (give me a job)

Senator wedges foot in mouth, becomes unable to speak.

seti: still?

SCO vs. Linux decision matrix

seti: what happens when? almost all scenarios written out + consequences + list of sources.

Hold on to your hats, freenet is sucking harder than a thai whore on rent day.


blanu: Hehe, the "next generation" routing protocol. Whee!
blanu: A sensible way you might achieve this kind of thing would be to use Kademlia with request latency as the secondary criterion.

inappropriate ads, 24/7 ! God bless puny weak AI!

LanRover: Liked malaclyps' comment? then you might also enjoy nutter butters and a gift certificate for swedish massage!


firegod: Urban legends Reference Pages: Travel (Stranded at the Airport for over 10 years)

Try Before You Sell: See What Ads Google Thinks Are Relevant to Your Site

AaronSw: Since I put this up this morning, I already made $80.
AaronSw: I get 50 cents a click-through, apparently.
AaronSw: So go click on some ads and make me more rich. ;-)



"hrmmm... Houston ? I guess we've lost something !"


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