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sars: the other white meat

cool time-lapse webcams by noaa's SLC office

Could the McLaren F1 have a competator?






These guys claim to be able to use triangulation to reliably determine a WiFi user's location

coderman: i am skeptical. there are many cool tricks to be played at layer2 with amps / high power radio's that skew anything but _true_ triangulation
coderman: where _true_ usually requires multiple phased arrays style recievers



25 dumbest moments in gaming

iSight webcam thingey


Pyxie and the PYX notation for XML

deltab: xml2 outputs a line per node (or line) with its path
Mutiny: Convert your XML to a list of XPath statements.

Internet Mail 2000

IBM Brings Wi Fi to More Than 600 Boys & Girls Clubs



A_Young: /me awards smartarse award to healthyeatingclub.com for: "creating a healthiuer universe .. one byte @ a time" which if you remove the '@' says "creating a healthier universe .. one by tea time"

Formula for Life

A_Young: diet balancing tool online - create an account and enter your meals day by day
A_Young: "The main feature of the site is that it tells users, through a dietary anaylsis, whether they have eaten the recommended intake of the core foods and if not, then provides real food solutions and recipe suggestions to counter any deficiencies.. "
A_Young: I think you can use a bogus email to sign up .. they don't send/require a confirmation

Breaking the Conflict Trap: Civil War and Development Policy

A_Young: According to a recent World Bank study ".. contrary to popular opinion, ethnic tensions and ancient political feuds are rarely the primary cause of civil wars. Instead economic forces such as entrenched poverty and heavy dependence on natural resource exports are usually to blame."
A_Young: "This study therefore urges three specific sets of actions to prevent civil wars: more and better-targeted aid for countries at risk, increased transparency of the revenue derived from natural resources, and better timed post-conflict peacekeeping and aid."
A_Young: (multiple pdfs)
A_Young: .. or in the words of Monty Python, 'how to get everything right so there won't be wars any more'

(San Francisco)+++

seti: "San Francisco still reins as the funk epicenter, the winking liberal stronghold, the ecstatic 69 to the nation's droning missionary position."




lemonodor: the vice guide to being totally crushed out!!
lemonodor: "Once it’s two-thirds of the way in, you start “rabbit fucking,” hoping the friction will bring it to life, but alas, her vagina poos it out like a sad worm getting voted off Survivor."
lemonodor: "After masturbating about her 16 times, she is basically your girlfriend (in your head)."
lemonodor: "Next thing you know, you look at the clock and you've spent thirty minutes smelling her back. Snap out of it, guy, she's going to think you're Crispin Glover."



Horsing around (pic)

Veggie Burritos, fresh MMW torrent every Sunday night

New Position at Apple Opens Up

kherr: Apple is looking for a Web Publishing Manager for the Apple Store. Oops?

tombstone of an irc user


burtonator: <ibm> LOL <sco> Gonna sue you!





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