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quell cherry roister


dtm: o/` hybrid children watch the sea; let it be, oh let it beeee-ah!! o/~
dtm: -- "the thing that should not let it be"

cat cr{o,a}p circles


stonedAYoung: "SVCD stands for "Super VideoCD". A SVCD is very similiar to a VCD, it has the capacity to hold about 35-60 minutes on 74/80 min CDs of very good quality full-motion video along with up to 2 stereo audio tracks and also 4 selectable subtitles."

quell cherry roister

stonedAYoung: of particular interest
stonedAYoung: cf 'condensible paralinguistic refusal'

Daddy, why did we attack Iraq?



Mutiny: obligatory scientology center shot

WiFi Speed Spray

Mutiny: pheer this meme's second comming


Mutiny: very uninspired pictures of the moscone center.

New Product Focus: Power 970

Bay Area Smart Mobs - The Revolution Begins!

Wireless News: Linksys pulls wireless signal booster

coderman: apparently the FCC does not like amps being used on devices that they were not approved for.
coderman: no one tell teletronics ...
A_Young: freedom of speech is fine, just as long as we don't have freedom of communication

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