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HAPPY GIF LIBERATION DAY || <quinnums> want a placenta dinner on ada? || <AccordionGuy> It's like there's a sign on LiveJournal.com that says "You must be at least this fucked up to blog" || <google> repeat the search with the relevent results included?

How To Recruit Evil Minions

Space Ghost Kid

burtonator: http://www.adultswim.com/webcam/gal_mov/sg_kid/movie.mov if you are RealPlayer plugin deficient
seti: the .mov link is broken

Transdermal Magnetic Stimulation

Dead dot-com museum

Cops shut down little girl’s lemonade stand

coderman: were unable to extract any additional information during interrogation

Matrix re-enactments in public.

Wi-fi will be 'next dot.com crash'

coderman: burn baby, burn!

Virtual instrument creates new sounds

It's official, G5 macs on the way (with PowerPC 970 chip)

TCP SYNcookie explanation

alternatives to XML

_joshua: alternatives to XML
Mutiny: No bencode?

Matrix 2 screenshots

Matrix 2 screenshots

Matrix 2 screenshots

Top video games may soon cost more

seti: "More complex code, anti-piracy systems pressure the price tag"
seti: #iA calls horseshit on the line of argument followed


Various Artists / Sexopolis -- That Funky 70's French Funky Pop Scene

A_Young: Fantomas Records 002
A_Young: ABC is talking about axing broadband content .. i guess that means this type of stuff too? or do they just mean tv-show-type broadband content?
deltab: Oh, so that's what ABC stands for.

(Philadelphia Inquirer) Test Drive | Lights! Camera! Inaction!

seti: "Except, maybe, for that 3 percent of the population that clings to iMacs and other Apple computers, anyone falling into the movie-making thicket will find that condensing six hours of mind-numbing videos into 30 minutes of watchable film - and endowing it with transitions, background music and text - can be a daunting task."
A_Young: LOL!

Texas Instruments: Wireless Communications: Tri-Wireless PDA Concept Design

seti: Codenamed "WANDA" (for Wireless Any-Network Digital Assistant)


17" PC laptop ... 3Ghz - 1440x900

Mutiny: Battery life... What battery?
Mutiny: Either way I wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating crackers.

Yahoo! Canada Autos -- Front wheel drive vs rear wheel drive

A_Young: also if you lose traction with FWD, the angular momentum makes your steering go all funny until you sort that out == dangerous
A_Young: that's my theory anyway
A_Young: http://www.epinions.com/auto-review-29AF-D5B5AC5-394D2268-prod5 mentions torque-steer, but I don't think it's a rigourous treatment of the subject. I'm pretty sure angular-momentum comes into the 'FWD is crap' problem
A_Young: angular momentum is a known issue already, even in RWD cars, because of the large angular momentum of the flywheel/engine/drive-shaft (angular momentum behaves funny when you try to turn something that's spinning, try it at home holding a spinning bicycle wheel by the axle)
A_Young: everything I said above, but with "moment of inertia" instead of "angular momentum"
A_Young: Angular momentum/moment of inertia info

Drive Axle Supports and CV-Joints

A_Young: "As the car goes over bumps, the axles move up and down, which changes their length. Because of this action, the axles are splined and fitted with CV-joints at both ends of the axles. The inner CV-joints let the axles slide in and out, changing their length, as they move up and down. The outer joints allow the steering system to turn the wheels, as well as allow for the up and down movement of the suspension."
A_Young: to sum up, "CV-joints do the same job as the universal joints of front-engined RWD cars."
Mutiny: Except, completely different.


The Best Christmas Present Ever

AccordionGuy: A tale of friendship, crab lice, and the true meaning of Christmas (TM)

Ada go wheeeeeeeeee

malaclyps: Danny demonstrates white man's overbite



quinnums: this is cannibalism recipes, kinda
quinnums: anyway, i keep offering.
A_Young: ta, really I'm looking for info on how the Chinese prepare tendon, cause it's yummy^H^H^Hedible


A_Young: Contains clues to preperation, but alas, no actual recipes ;)

misc.survivalism Subject: Pig FAQ -- what to do with a pig

A_Young: I love the first reply post: "Has anyone downloaded this FAQ? I'd like to but am wary of downloading files from people I don't know." misc.survivalism paranoia at its best
A_Young: I'm disappointed cause this doesn't tell me what to do with tendon

Intel vapourware spec change

A_Young: Intel is moving from hardware emulation of x86 on Itanium to software emulation
A_Young: this shadows AMD's approach
A_Young: "'They said Itanium would never be their fastest 32-bit processor, but it would be in the ballpark. The original x86 hardware execution mechanism wasn't in the ballpark. It was barely in the parking lot around the ballpark,' Brookwood said."

Intel to Discontinue Rambus Chip Sets

kherr: w00t! Stick it to the submarining bastards!

Intel x86 25yrs and 1 billion units later

A_Young: FWIW

TV Graphic Labels Bush 'Professional Fascist'

kherr: Was seen by 360,000 people in New Zealand, oops.

NYT | A Blogger's Big-Fish Fantasy

burtonator: To this extent, motivated bloggers use blog newsreaders to scan new blog entries instead of regularly visiting every blog. "With my newsreader, I can look at 150 blogs in an hour or less," said Ms. Mernit, who uses a newsreader program called NewsMonster. She added, "Reading those blogs and accessing them through my bookmarks would take two hours or more."
coderman: "I love NewMonster; i'd screw Kevin Burton six ways to sunday for such a sweet app!" She added.
kernelphr34k: fo sho

Ewwww ! Accordion Guy has SARS!

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