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lemonodor: maybe not worksafe.

How to Write Unmaintainable Code

Ash: maybe this is why alpine sucks so bad
Ash: g


matthew: Last week a poll revealed that a third of Americans believe that weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq, while 22 per cent reckon Iraq actually used them! Even before the war, half of those polled said the Iraq regime was responsible for September 11th.
Ash: In other news- saddam hussein is from mars
Ash: and batboy has been elected the new prime minister of Iraq

Top ten naughty weekend activities

_joshua: cutting off mattress tags
Mutiny: Jaywalking

hmm 0 results for jillzilla.. for now

seti: turn off the filter!

(NSFW) Martha Stewart as you've never wanted to see her!

seti: OMG stabs out eyes in futile attempt to erase image from brane
Ash: goatse.cx eat your heart out
seti: goatse and heart? um, Ash, really, a completely different organ is on display there

Using Sling Shot Power to Hurl Into Orbit

dtm: matthew's dream is a little bit closer to reality.
dtm: cue theme from "2001: A Space Odyssey" o/~
Ash: I'm afraid you can't do that, Dave
matthew: See also space.com

Union Jack gets a facelift -- black marks courtesy rebranding

deltab: "The idea is fine in principle but the design is all wrong. As far as I can see the blue and red people of this country as still massively over represented." -- Martin Steven, UK

Flash Mobs Take Manhattan

seti: Includes the MOB e-mail - fascinating

Wireless Internet with a few strings attached

Ash: i hate this string-based internet connection
seti: reg reqd; try spamnews for username + password.

Orrin Hatch (the anti-pirate facist) found with unlicensed software running on his web site

coderman: "It's an unlicensed copy," said Andy Woolley, who runs Milonic. "It's very unfortunate for him because of those comments he made."
Ash: you suck
coderman: EAT YOUR DOG FOOD BITCH!!! I want to see that server burned over an open flame
dtm: dtm <3 orrinhatch
dtm: er wait! no!



blanu: My friend's game company. Lots of free games downloadable from the site.
blanu: Actually http://www.invisible-city.com/games/index.htm us the direct link to the games.

Wireless Auditing tools for OS X, works with your airport card

Ash: wheee

BBC NEWS | UK | What are the 78 differences between men and women?

matthew: Well there's that whole penis/vagina thing for starters.

Anonymous terrorism tips not very reliable

coderman: gee, who'da thought?!!?1

DefCon Wifi shootout

coderman: "blarrg!! what is this 30dBm signal interfering with my long shot??"

Smashing things together

deltab: possible quark-gluon plasma
deltab: also: the end result of Home Front's spiderweb makeover special

Sleek jet shoots for land-speed record

coderman: "he British have held the record for 20 years," said Ed Shadle, a retired IBM computer technician. "It's about time that a couple of boys from Pierce County bring it back to America." - immediately after spitting a plug of tabaccy and scratching his privates.

(Yahoo! News) Man Jumps From 5th Floor of Mall, Hitting Woman Below (and destroying a precious espresso machine)

dopp: This guy must have been fed up with unemployment ;)
dopp: And he invented a new extreme sport!


Interview with Hillary Clinton by David Letterman


(Washington Post) It's Hamas or Us

Amendments to the US Constitution


Casualty toll's steady rise

kherr: US has suffered more than 1250 casualties in Bush's terror war.

Brave Combo!

drue: Worlds Greatest Wedding/Bar-Mitzvah Band
drue: The Original Nuclear Polka Band

Argo Navis telescope computer

Weekly World News: Huge Oil Reserves Found on Moon!

kherr: 270 trillion barrels
kherr: (It's on the interweb, it must be true)
kherr: Real link


Find my mother-in-law a home

Jakob Nielson pr0n

burtonator: http://www.useit.com/jakob/photos/jakob_bluetie3_big.jpg

Male Chromosome Seriously Weird


Spam with a picture of my website

burtonator: pragmatic screenshots are hard
burtonator: er programatic

Bedwetting can cause a lack of self-image, self-esteem and lead to other problems.

matthew: See also, "Master P."


12inch PowerBook reader report -- Heat issue

coderman: this reminds me of that "massaging your powerbook wifi antenna" thread ...

There Be Trolls On Craigslist

druework: they posted last week with the title "MC: Talented Java Coders"
coderman: are you saying this is a joke? $20 for a car wash is better than 3 hours at starbucks.

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