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Microsoft files lawsuits against 15 spammers, for 2 billion emails to MSN and Hotmail customers

crysflame: i support gates spending his billions on fighting spam
crysflame: "It has become obvious our Delete key will not solve the problem."
Ash: Remember, they're not mistakes, they're OPPORTUNITYstakes!
Ash: Work is play!
crysflame: Make $$$$ by suing spammers!

spell words with phone numbers, with nice visualization

deltab: wow, that's nice
deltab: mnemonic search screenshot

Come out to Sacramento this weekend and give the WTO a piece of your mind

crysflame: mobilize in sacramento
Schuyler_: Agriculture ministers from the WTO member nations are coming to Sacramento this weekend so that U.S. biotech firms can cram GMOs down their throats whether they like it or not.
Schuyler_: You would think that the WTO had learned about having meetings on the U.S. West Coast, but apparently not.
Schuyler_: The big street actions are on Sunday and Monday. Come join in the fun.
GabeW: "The SmackDown in SacTown" (as opposed to the "Battle in Seattle")
GabeW: Not that violence is good...


crysflame: see also mobile disco report
crysflame: "The cases were opened up and DJ Ricky connected up our CD player. Kylie's beats started pumping out to the lunchtime crowd and instantly half of the assembled suits jumped into disco action!"
crysflame: "Three riot vans we waiting for the demo to take place, although they did not know what to look for."
crysflame: see also tube party 2
crysflame: "He didn't look impressed so in a move straight out of the Thomas Crown Affair, the santas split up. The single security guard had no chance of rounding up 50 santas strolling around the store, and another part of our mass santa power was discovered"

You May Already Be A Member!

\var\db lies!

crysflame: NOT MINE
Ash: lies!

Broken Saints: 24 episodes of awesome Flash goodness

crysflame: brought to you by BitTorrent (episodes 1-23: 190MB)
crysflame: build the bittorrent client into a jnlp applet, use that in the episode player: voila, 30 minutes of seed time.

The Avalanches (music and dance act)

Top 10 lesbian cars

Top 10 cars for gay guys


Mutiny: Best name for a p2p program ever.

Google father's day logo 2001

crysflame: amimischumpornot

Google, Escher-style

Johnny Cash is on the Bus!

kherr: "Cash was punk rock before the Sex Pistols ever saw their first safety pin."

Toronto's Kickass Karaoke Song Listings

AccordionGuy: In PDF and text format


futex - fast userspace mutex

deltab: <AccordionGuy> matthew: <Morpheus> What...is...the mutex?
deltab: <AccordionGuy> <Morpheus> Will...you run....the blue thread...or the red thread?


WEP Key Maker for Mac OS X

kherr: For those times when using primitive wi-fi tech on Windows or linux

Offers fooled by blow-up prostitute, intimidate radio staff

crysflame: When CHP officers arrived, they saw the bare-breasted doll leaning against a wall.


crysflame: chump needs to be coded to ignore goatse.cx
crysflame: i promote limited amounts of censorship

there is no content filter cabal

Secret room with giant huggable penis!

crysflame: what the
dav^: the penis in question

Recording Industry Outdone by Pornographers: profiting from that which others are afraid of

crysflame: "The pornographers are ruthless capitalists always eager to innovate and find new ways to make a buck."

Coral reef photobank: hundreds of pictures

The energy slaves of modern Man - the pending oil depletion

coderman: "71 Conclusions ... The transition to decline is a period of great tension" - wow, this takes the cake for UNDERSTATEMENT!
coderman: s/great tension/ global clusterfuck/

Bush slams "revisionist historians" for dismissing Iraq's ability to threaten US interests

coderman: oh man, this is too funny. the irony here is just too much.
burtonator: In other news... bush also says anyone who doesn't vote for him will be put into an interment camp
Ash: mmm, internment camps
coderman: i'd pay BIG MONEY to see bush dress up as darth vader and cheney as darth sidius
Ash: Yeah right, like bush is anything like darth vader
Ash: more like one of the "assholes" from spaceballs
coderman: hahaha, yeah, SPACEBALLS version

Deductive and Inductive Science: Reflections, Memories, & Open Problems by A. K. Dewdney

coderman: "Although I now have very different concerns, not to mention having a mind so fudged up by time and general wear that it can barely calculate tomorrow's date, I feel I have earned the right to prophesy: The mathematics of the future will address the general equivalence problem from a variety of standpoints: P-time equivalence, computational equivalence, transformational equivalence."

Dav's friendster network, on a globe. Java.

crysflame: (someone else's) mischump
dav^: this is roughly 5000 friendsters from my network, mapped to a globe and divided into groups by degree of separation

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