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< Mutiny> he realized 'blogs' are lame ;)

DoD going to move to IPv6

GabeW: department acquisitions taking place after October of this year must be IPv6-compatible
GabeW: 5 year timeframe


burtonator: NYTimes - "his would allow them to lay the cornerstone of a 1,776-foot tower in August 2004, during the Republican National Convention. "

the stuff of nightmares

crysflame: not mind safe. gross. ew.

15MB overhead view of ground zero, WTC

crysflame: yay to seti
seti: yay to wiggy, actually
Ash: mischump
Ash: same as all crysflame's posts
crysflame: NOT THIS TIME
Ash: more images of wtc here
crysflame: you must be THIS SMART to download
Ash: hey, i can read the label on that I-beam

A.K. Dewdney

crysflame: see list of books and articles


crysflame: mischump

Triptych Tetris

crysflame: commercial variant available


Excerpted from The Puzzle Palace: Inside the National Security Agenc - Chapter 9: Competition

coderman: "Provided as background to the NSA's current endeavor to reduce information to be released under FOIA and the Bush Administration's increased secrecy of information about national and homeland security programs and related secret contracts to industry and educational institutions."
crysflame: "To avoid creating suspicion, the participants would be paid directly by UCLA, which in turn was reimbursed by IDA-CRD, which in turn was paid by NSA."

Iraqi mobile labs nothing to do with germ warfare, report finds

coderman: "An official British investigation into two trailers found in northern Iraq has concluded they are not mobile germ warfare labs, as was claimed by Tony Blair and President George Bush, but were for the production of hydrogen to fill artillery balloons, as the Iraqis have continued to insist."


condensed matrix reloaded script

coderman: <CarrieAnnMoss> What's the matter? Did you wet the bed again?
coderman: damnit neo, you pisseed my sheets!


crysflame: "You may feel a bit funny"
crysflame: see the patent
uid0: i'm sure it was...endearing

Accordion Guy performance remixed -- the "Me So Horny" edition

coderman: dont go here, very sloooow.

wifidonet: FidoNet over WiFi

seti: Some people terminally missing the point that it is, in fact, 2003


A_Young: "The Debian GNU/FreeBSD port has recently made significant progress using the GNU C library as a base instead of FreeBSD's libc."
A_Young: Thw world is mine, all mine.
A_Young: "Sounds to me like Debian needs to fix their dependency on glibc."



Mac Books and Software (including Red Ryder)

The Zero Install System

dnm: From the same guy who brought you ROX Filer.
crysflame: "To make it easier to find it in future, you should bookmark it somehow."

Rox Filer ( RISC OS on X )

crysflame: look ma, it's bundles! "Installing an application is the same as copying a directory."
dnm: Earlier, good work from the same guy who brought you Zero Install

Pollution warfare

crysflame: i like menil


crysflame: it's not lisa


Knitting plastics into fabrics: wearable fedex envelopes

crysflame: "They were grabbing the bloody swatches from the walls!"


DragonFax: 3 years and openft still hasn't grown. Thats saying something.... SOMETHING IN FRENCH!!!!


DragonFax: Free-Kay
DragonFax: click 'switch pages' for the art.
crysflame: catbag is on page 90

Panasonic exoskeleton (yet another mischump)

crysflame: see the real link
crysflame: now you can do all the things you couldn't before

Modeling warp bubbles (Alcubierre, 1994)

Google search on Alcubierre-class warp bubbles (original paper circa 1994)

crysflame: also mischumped

Black holes may be bubbles of a heretofore undiscovered phase of matter.

matthew: see also space.com coverage
crysflame: theoretically the bubble is definable with the alcubierre warp bubble equations

QNX gets more media attention

crysflame: "A QNX OS that runs materials-handling and assembly lines at the Siemens Dematic plant in Grand Rapids, for example, has been operating without failure for 13 years."

Shareware amateurs vs Shareware professionals: Some tips on selling software

crysflame: covers some of the personality changes it might take to actually succeed, too
crysflame: authored by the CEO of Dexterity Software

SARS digital folk art

crysflame: spawned from boingboing when the incoming flood of links grew to be too much

CSS ad-blocking ruleset

The Collective Unconsciousness Project

crysflame: this has been around for a while; hyperlinked dreams, kinda. rather fun. things like "view related dream" make for extra time-wasting potential.

Blogsnob: textads webring for personal sites

Soul Illustrations: a group dreamblog

IBM devworks on Prevayler


seti: "With Prevalence we are finally free to create true object servers and use objects the way they were intended all along."

Salon: Do the Clintons have an open marriage?

seti: I don't know why daypop.com is used to redirect to salon.com/sex but you're warned that this might not be work-safe

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