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CCLI: The Christian RIAA

crysflame: "Every time I worship God with a song in my church, someone writes it down in a form, and sends it off to the CCLI [..] Some weeks later, the church gets a bill for the songs we sing."
matthew: Otherwise known as "TEH SUXX"

Courting by email: A success story

crysflame: "All it took to kick-start their romance was an unsuspecting online magazine, a letter, procrastination, some clever e-mails and a couple of trips to Vancouver, during which Vancouver was rarely glimpsed."
seti: aww sweet
matthew: One has to wonder, on seeing these internet romances, if it's the right person, or the first person to say yes.

Linux kernel coder puts SCO on notice


Hiding content with CSS, based on keywords in said content, with a bookmarklet

crysflame: instead of hiding, try setting the opacity to 50%. or, uh, highlighting it.
deltab: In CSS3: *.post:contains("RSS") { opacity: 50% }

Planetwork: exploring the relationship between ecology and technology

crysflame: mischump: lose the comma

EarthSCOPE: it's like SimCity with a science add-on pack.

Ash: Oh good i'll run it on the cray in my closet
rnc: damn, i knew i shouldn't have donated it to Ash
Ash: oh cool, alien monster cheat code
crysflame: sekrit IA IA FTHAGN sources indicate that they've written this in Flash, and it doesn't require a supercomputer

Enviromentally friendly power crashes with NIMBY syndrome

crysflame: "I'm all for these factories, but there must be areas that are far less valuable than this place is.'' -- Walter Cronkite
crysflame: ''Traditionally, power plants were built in poor neighborhoods, so people living in nice neighborhoods weren't forced to confront the human cost of using electricity'' -- Greg Watson, Mass. Technology Collaborative
crysflame: "there should be an energy discount for people living near power plants. The further away you live, the more you pay for you electricity.", from slashdot comments
seti: Why? It's a basic commodity, isn't it
crysflame: "Somewhere, sometime, highly populated states are going to realize that they are not entitled to simply purchase energy production from other states without suffering the drawbacks of that production.", also from slashdot comments
crysflame: i think that all geographic regions should be somewhat self-sufficient; it's okay to use excess of something from another region (like, say, power), but it's not okay to ignore sources of something in your own region (like, say, wind power)

About Cassani's "Wave Theory of Field"



THE WIZARD Movie Review

Ash: Not a porn site, A_Young
Ash: I love the Power Glove.. It's so bad!
A_Young: Do not confuse with this one
A_Young: OK, confuse them. See if I care.
DragonFax: Or this one
A_Young: heh michael jackson wizard of oz spectacular
A_Young: Yes. Let's not get those three movies confused.


A_Young: damn. domain name already taken
A_Young: What's a gusset?
A_Young: Well I decided I want thes jeans .. anyone know of jeans like this in Melbourne Australia, please /msg the warezbot A_Young
A_Young: see also
A_Young: And you could have a look at http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Reinforced-crotch_20trousers
A_Young: It may also be found necessary to peruse http://www.thehendricks.net/codpiece_history.htm

How konspire2b works (mischump)

Pronunciation maps, for lots of sounds, on a map of the US

former location of something with 'GoogleHacks' in the URL

crysflame: mischump. again. i suck.

Google's cache still shows GoogleHacks

crysflame: mischump


crysflame: April Fools at LJ: Our (abuse, drama) powers combined!

Proxomitron filters to make Yahoo Groups usuable...


Muxway? Memepool? GeoURL? AND Reversible?

Breaking the cycle of poverty with microcredit


The Vim Mug

DragonFax: Give one to your favorite emacs user today.

RR probes all customers, most non-customers.

seti: customers proactively and non-customers reactively (e.g. if you try sending them mail they check whether you're running an open relay, misconfigured proxy etc.)



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