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Ash's birthday is the same as Onstad's! http://achewood.com/ || <Ray> It seems like there is a difference between e-mail and Internet? Is that right? || TYEP !FSARV FOR #INFOANARCHY WAREZBOT | < seti> uid0 channeling dongs again?


ChrisDodo: http://www.thehollandring.com/food/food-stroopwafel.htm
seti: http://www.thehollandring.com/food/food-stroopwafel.htm



visual episode guide to jackass

biscuit guru gets samples world wide for review website.

coderman: next site will cover exotic sports cars ...

One blog. Anyone can post (anonymously, too).

crysflame: with source code

Union disputes firing of Coke driver who drank Pepsi

burtonator: Pepsi should hire him at 2x the pay!
burtonator: Great marketing! .. and then put him on commercials!

Banach Space

crysflame: for instance, infinite-dimensional euclidean spaces

Nonstandard analysis: When infinitessimals and calculus meet

crysflame: see also hyperfinite sets
crysflame: a hyperinfinite set appears to be FOR counter FROM 0 TO infinity STEP epsilon
crysflame: see also Dr. Math
crysflame: seems there's an encapsulation structure designed to hold things that aren't countable and stuff, too

"This is actually only one-eighteenth scale"



Christina Aguilera, Java pitchwoman

wmf: <AccordionGuy> why didn't they pick me?
DragonFax: WOW! Thats a HELLISH amount of make up. When did clowns become popular?
skimpIzu: shutup, im trying to splooge here
crysflame: when plastic was invented
Mutiny: Bitch probably doesn't even know the difference between Swing and AWT

Feed for the Watchblog third-party section

crysflame: also 'republicans' and 'democrats'

in-depth laser howto/faq site, with good instructions

crysflame: "My copper bromide laser is very unique in many ways. It is certainly the first laser I have ever built that not only requires eye protection, but ear protection also."
crysflame: i like instructions for building an air-laser (as opposed to an oxygen-laser, say)

Steve Case

crysflame: best picture ever
crysflame: "I valiantly go forth, but forever will I damn you, AOL"


crysflame: still runs on windows 2003, albeit not on all interfaces anymore

MapPoint and NodeDB make FUN

Powergen Italia


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