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Ash's birthday is the same as Onstad's! http://achewood.com/ || <Ray> It seems like there is a difference between e-mail and Internet? Is that right?

Tales of unbridled power and bare-knuckled greed from America Online's glory years

Ash: relive the days when steve case roamed aol's chatrooms as "SlutGirl6969"
crysflame: "each rabbi agreed to pray for AOL's shares to rise to a certain level, and they hit that level, Colburn promised to donate $1 million to a Jewish cause."

Quoting the CEO of Viacom

crysflame: "who" (and any subsequent words) was ignored because we limit queries to 10 words, says Google. Hm. That leaves us with "I think the losers are going to be the people"

Concrete case-mod (anti-theft)

crysflame: "If you have nothing to create forms with, use a saw to cut studs out of the walls of your home."

Microsoft: No new versions of IE for Mac

sateh: Microsoft felt that customers were better served by using Apple's browser, noting that Microsoft does not have the access to the Macintosh operating system that it would need to compete.
crysflame: Safari 1, Mac IE 0


PayPal to reimburse fraud victims (August 2000)

crysflame: X.com's online payment service PayPal is changing its policy and will reimburse victims of fraud from verified vendor accounts, according to X.com CEO Elon Musk.X.com's online payment service PayPal is changing its policy and will reimburse victims of fraud from verified vendor accounts, according to X.com CEO Elon Musk.

UDPCast broadcast LAN based file transfer

coderman: it looks like you cant join a stream once it starts, and must use --min-clients to have the server wait until the clients join to start the xfer.
coderman: although this URL talks about --fec and --async being suitable for unidirectional transfer, which might allow joins assuming they got in while enough remaining FEC blocks are broadcast: http://udpcast.linux.lu/pipermail/udpcast/2003/000049.html

Mormon crickets invade western states

coderman: wow, I never new insects could be religious
coderman: " The Mormon cricket actually is a katydid, similar to a grasshopper. It got its name in 1848 when swarms invaded the fields of Mormon settlers in Utah. According to lore, the settlers prayed for divine assistance that arrived in the form of gulls, which ate the insects and saved the crops."
Mutiny: And then proceeded to shit all over their buggies.



HAHAH (Bush falls off segway)

crysflame: see also K: and I:

Using DNS records to identify non-spam

crysflame: kind of a different twist on spam filtering
seti: yawn yet another reinvention of this particular wheel

when two become one: the conjoining of desktops

crysflame: Synergy lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems without special hardware.

Clay Kitten Shooting

Ash: Hey look it's rik!



matthew: It is rumored to be impossible to fall off a Segway, yet the President managed it on first try. Guess that's why he's president.
crysflame: see also earlier chump

Review of the Color Sidekick (shiny)

coderman: AccordionGuy's MuchMusic video via bittorrent

AccordionGuy on MuchMusic (sk8r boi)

seti: Please use the torrent (above) instead. thanks!
seti: the torrent listed here

Fedex Custom Critical: for when Now just isn't good enough

crysflame: Ship now, sign over soul
crysflame: Now with TEMP-ASSURE: Full-range climate control and protection from freezing
crysflame: see also Fedex Air Expedite
coderman: see also: moving dank nuggs

Dubya Falls Off Segway, Not Idiot Proof After All

Clinton Kicks some guys ass... really...



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