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How to find Neo & Co.: SELECT * FROM humans WHERE cool>10 ;



rnc: =
rnc: =http://www.google.com



wmf: ahem, coderman


Physician charged with murder after painkiller overdoses

coderman: "A search warrant affidavit said Jesse Henry, 67, wrote prescriptions for patients without conducting adequate, or in some cases any, examinations at his "Walk-in Doctor's Office" in an Albuquerque business district."
coderman: "Pharmacy records show that one patient, Louis Steve Sesma, received prescriptions for 995 painkillers, relaxants or antidepressants over six months in 2001, the year he died."
coderman: Dr. Pez
matthew: Why don't I find out about these guys until after they're busted?

Tough Talking for Marines in Iraq

coderman: During Gulf War II, members of the force often had to use a helmet headset, four radios and two laptops at once to communicate with their comrades and commanders -- all while crammed into light armored vehicles crawling across the Mesopotamian desert

Flat panel LCD TV by Samsung

seti: My digital camera has more megapixels


When things got worse


aml: scroll down all the way, matrix code emulator on PACMAN HARDWARE

Overview of the VideoLAN streaming solution

/usr/X11R6/bin/xscreensaver-hacks/xmatrix -small -crack

seti: 4.10 and up
aml: hahaha, awesome
aml: someone please make my xterm look like that kthnx

Welcome to Strongbad

OpenGL Graphing Calculator for OSX (by a bunch of students)

crysflame: this might work real nice as a replacement for the old classic graphing calculator


A_Young: oops typo in url http://www.disclaimer.com

Non-harmful, non-viral gene therapy that works

A_Young: Oh good
A_Young: Part of the advantage in using virii to get the genetic code into the cell is that the virus reprograms the dna, i thought ...
A_Young: Warning: involves animal testing

Shrook is an RSS reader for Mac OS X

crysflame: looks shiny, has features; shinier than NNW?

Jones Soda label proofs

crysflame: their labels are eerie, like pencam
A_Young: They use real people on their labels?
crysflame: they take photos from real people, at least, and if you happen to picture real people (with disclaimer forms, perhaps?) i guess its okay -- some of the best have people on them
A_Young: wow
crysflame: you can submit your own photos to them on the web.
crysflame: and they're running a year-long scavenger hunt, looking for landmarks

soc.culture.thai 2002-11-12

A_Young: "Oh how wonderful, we get more skanky Ukrainian whores hanging out on the corner of lower Sukhumwit making moves on Saudi Wahabi terrorists."
A_Young: Is this the record for sleaze?

Daria's blog?

Blogshares develops an SEC of their own

Cheating the fruit machines: Proving that the odds are set from the get go

coraline: "If you'd held the two cherries, the machine would have dropped in a different symbol. And now we can prove it."
coraline: a couple links into the article, you can download an emulator and ROM for machines
Mutiny: the history of cheating in gambling machines is long and very interesting. The Mysterious death of Larry volk

XML dtd and examples and xslt for html for recipes

DJ sues succesfully for her privacy

coraline: The People is not the People, it's a magazine's name

Wired: Slammer - What really happened (in English, and code)

Guns or Money... which do you like best?

nym: (comic)


Mutiny: I wish they showed his face so I'd know NEVER to play against him.

Go Howard Dean!

coraline: see also the Dean weblog and the Dean meetup site
coraline: and another post about this month's meetup

Yamaha SHS-200 remote "liberator" keyboard

AccordionGuy: Ultra-dorky '80s keyboard action


Joel on NIH Syndrome

sateh: If it's a core business function -- do it yourself, no matter what.

Cats Looking Highly Peeved, with Engrish Captions

jillzilla: "Shawl achieves the duty of a foppish muffler"
nym: "3. Remove her clothes and give her a hub, say "Thank you!"
nym: i like the gentelman's costume
nym: picture with cat wearing a chicken hat caption: "Do I look sexy?"
nym: ahahaha

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