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"The wine so bad it made the news" || <uid0> there's always something hanging from my mouth :D

Network Magazine | Can Wireless Networks Be Too Secure?


sateh: 10101010101110010101000100100101110010000111001110101010000101010101111010111101010101010111110101000001101010111010101110111110011010001110101010101010101 Done.

AccordionGuy, as heard on radio

we believe that threads can achieve all of the strengths of events, including support for high concurrency, low overhead, and a simple concurrency model. Moreover, we argue that threads allow a simpler and more natural programming style.

coderman: java 1.1.8 will be vindicated!!!

(Nextel - broken link)

coderman: if i am lucky, i'll get one of these and unlimited data / phone service for a steal
coderman: comes with a publicly addressable IP
coderman: http://www.westcoin.com/westcoin/moti58sr.html - use that URL
seti: http://www.westcoin.com/westcoin/moti58sr.html - now it's usable...


coderman: phone calls over palmOS wifi links


lllllllll: Open Source Software and development cooperation workshop (Amsterdam - 2-5 June 2003)
lllllllll: see also www.waag.nl 3 June Killerclub Open Source and Development Cooperation
lllllllll: While the resulting paper is intended to be used in order to propagate the use of OSS among development cooperation organizations, it can also be used as an input into the discussion around the role of OSS that have risen with regard to the WSIS taking place in December in Geneva.
lllllllll: Finally a fierce ideological battle is waged, both to beef up the shaky foundations of 'Intellectual Property' itself, and deligitimize OSS, and basically anything related to the 'Public Domain' (fair use, open research, etc) as 'piracy'.
lllllllll: In the context of international co-operation and development, Open Source

Dutch Parliament Embraces Open Standard

lllllllll: Nearly all governments in the European Union have expressed favor for open source in the past, however the Netherlands had never been really outspoken. But at the end of 2002 the Dutch Green Party (Groen Links) published a report on open standards and the value of open source. A motion by the same party in parliament that forces Dutch government agencies to use open standards and favor open source/ free software passed by 127 to 23. By 2006 al


lllllllll: Free/Libre and Open Source Software: Survey and Study
lllllllll: Open Source Software development has already been recognised by Dutch


lllllllll: http://achewood.com/index.php?date=06052003
lllllllll: "Do your server logs tell you if they're wearing clear plastic diapers and pink pylons on theirs heads?" --Achewood on bloggers and their readers


A_Young: Contains links to a bunch of stories about governments using open source software


aml: solve your meta key problems
Ash: meta keys are for wusses


A_Young: Pyke. Guy invented pykrete, a superhard, longlived mixture of ice and wood pulp
A_Young: "He often worked from his bed so as not to waste time by getting up and dressing, and he would summon military chiefs to bedside conferences in his Hampstead flat among piles of papers, bottles and other debris."
A_Young: See also his book about internement in a WWI POW camp unpublished for 80 yrs but now available
A_Young: <blanu2> nym: pykrete - http://www.cabinetmagazine.org/issues/7/floatingisland.php
A_Young: FUD?


A_Young: How to avoid soon-to-be-EVIL (tm) CafePress


A_Young: wibble, wobble, wubble & flob

On Top of Spaghetti (lyrics+tune)

mini commercial (shown in .ca but not .us)

Ash: who knew you could have a threesome in a mini?


wmf: wow, Nat is warped

alt.atheism.moderated Subject: Re: Chimp/human hybrids Was: decline of family caused fall of Roman Empire?

A_Young: Pix here
A_Young: Next page > Zana, the Ape Woman

Speaking of .google dtm chimp human...


Ash: welcome to chump, aka wmfblog

Tempest for Eliza

A_Young: "Tempest for Eliza is a Program that uses your computer monitor to send out AM radio signals. You can then hear computer generated music in your radio."
A_Young: Yes, you read that right.
A_Young: "Tempest for Eliza is a Program that uses your computer monitor to send out AM radio signals. You can then hear computer generated music in your radio."
A_Young: apt-get install tempest



burtonator: ...kept his garden slug population under control by using shallow, open pans of beer to attract the critters. They’d come for the brew, fall in the pan and drown. Then William noticed birds were picking the pickled mollusks out of the open pan and getting intoxicated on them.
burtonator: LOL
burtonator: Coderman does the same thing when he sees slugs on acid!


A_Young: That stuff DWiner and his friends wrote a while back about getting a clue
A_Young: a bit like PNAC
seti: Actually it were Chris Locke, Doc Searls, David Weinberger who wrote Cluetrain
A_Young: Doh! /me apologises to dweinberger for confusing the two
seti: Cluetrain's message is "Traditional marketing is dead, now that people can finally talk [online] about the products they buy"... the suggestions offered in Locke's followup were pretty bad, I found


A_Young: <anselm> something i don't understand... does this winer guy have a problem with rdf?

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