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<AccordionGuy> I'll duct-tape a sponge to an athletic supporter and hump your car to a showroom shine. || coders office -- the gateway


uke: No comment
uid0: < Mutiny> Let the insider trading... BEGIN

(duplicate riot control vehicle eBay URL)

seti: no we're not buying you this, you camwhore
Mutiny: Electrified hull!

Palm buys Handspring

seti: press release
Mutiny: If you look closely, the guy on the right (Jeff Hawkins) is holding the soon to be released Treo 600.


Talon Riot Control Vehicle (1990)

jillzilla: Only 3500 miles! No warranty.
jillzilla: Unusual options fitted include the fact it is fully bulletproof all round to withstand sustained fire from a Kalashnikov AK47, has 3 engines, one the main 8.2L turbo-diesel drive engine, the second a diesel generator to power 240V and the 11000V electrified hull outside, and a Nissan gasoline car engine to power the water cannon.
jillzilla: This vehicle may NOT fit your garage. It is approximately 35 feet long, 14 feet high and 8.5 feet wide. It is a lot bigger than a Hummer!
jillzilla: Blaupunkt stereo, sirens, toilet and fridge too!
jdh41_: Fully air conditioned
jillzilla: Excellent mileage! Oh, no, wait...

French castle for sale on ebay

jillzilla: This Castle was build for a Musketeer. He was a personal body guard for King Louis XIV.


Recording Industry v. Deep, John (The Aimster Case)


A_Young: "Rice said that she had called together the senior staff people of the National Security Council and asked them to think seriously about "how do you capitalize on these opportunities" to fundamentally change American doctrine, and the shape of the world, in the wake of September 11th."
A_Young: other copies of this text exist

Mirror of a relationship story that was forced offline by court order

seti: As reported on Politech
A_Young: "The summer after law school graduation, I moved to Boca Raton, Florida and took a job managing my father's restaurants. I wasn't really expecting to meet a girl I would like, as the general intellectual level of South Florida is somewhere above 'functionally retarded.' ... "
DragonFax: "Not many people realize that "Here Comes the Bride" is taken from a Wagner opera involving a prostitute"

A Tangled Web of Neocon Lies The Frauds of War -- May 31, 2003

A_Young: That shakespear quote is popular today, huh?
A_Young: Written by an associate professor, Department of History, Tufts University and coordinator, Asian Studies Program


rnc: cool wallpaper


A_Young: "At one point during the rehearsal, Powell tossed several pages in the air. 'I'm not reading this,' he declared. 'This is bulls- - -.' "
A_Young: Referring to some of the crap they wanted him to say in his infamous Lie to the UN


lllllllll: Chaos Communication Camp 2003, The International Hacker Open Air Gathering, 7/8/9/10th August 2003, near Berlin, Germany (Old Europe)


lllllllll: cartoon = "corporate terrorism : enrona ken lay den"

Byrne's edition of Euclid

deltab: 'The first six books of The Elements of Euclid in which coloured diagrams and symbols are used instead of letters for the greater ease of learners'

Guardian, February 17, 2003 -- Their master's voice

A_Young: "Rupert Murdoch argued strongly for a war with Iraq in an interview this week. Which might explain why his 175 editors around the world are backing it too.."
A_Young: Note that coincidental with this war being fought, UK, USA and Australia coincidentally have been reviewing their foreign media ownership laws
A_Young: US just relaxed theirs, giving Murdoch an even bigger bite of the cherry
A_Young: "I have no plans for anything other than what I have before you today," he said, prompting laughter in the senator benches.
A_Young: seperately, Asked about the attitude of the media in Australia to his motives there, Mr Murdoch said, "I think you're all a little bit paranoid, just as they are in Britain"
A_Young: Of course, the UK have also given murdoch the nod
A_Young: and the Australian government are pushing to have their legislation accepted, which will allow him to own _even more_ of Australian media - laughably the politicians claim that by having 'separate newsrooms' for publication, different points of view will be guaranteed
A_Young: Apparently Colin Powell's son, Michael, is head of the Federal Communications Commission, the guys who regulate media ownership and other matters, in the US. Swallow that, if you can.


A_Young: I bet you didn't know this was here

Scoop, 30 May 2003 -- Wolfowitz Interview with Vanity Fair's Tannenhaus

A_Young: I guess this has already been chumped or at least seen by everyone else
A_Young: Wolfowitz: "The truth is that for reasons that have a lot to do with the U.S. government bureaucracy we settled on the one issue that everyone could agree on which was weapons of mass destruction as the core reason.."
A_Young: He goes on, to expand on this
A_Young: authoritative version of this transcript


sateh: Justin Frankel's private site.

Nullsoft founder says he's had it with AOL

sateh: ME TOO!!!1

The Credit Card Prank

seti: grins


skimpIzu: self declared emperor of the united states in 1859
A_Young: Is this what you want to be when you grow up, skImpizu?


sateh: I am the walrus.


sateh: 31337 SN4X0RZ




lemonodor: list of quotes by the bush administration on wmd in iraq. chronological order.
A_Young: posted May 29, 2003 .. now there are about 1 zillion comments after the quotes. Nobody has time to read them all.
A_Young: What's the penalty for treason in US, UK, Australia? I'm just curious ...
A_Young: Get us some tar and feathers boys

Justin Frankl quits AOL for inability to exercise self expression in code

Mutiny: He's right, Zwan DOES suck so hard.

"Buddy Buddy" (flash)

kherr: Do the math, 34 minutes on 9/11... (oh really?)
A_Young: Very good use of flash here to make music video clip on the 9-11 thing .. ermm like a powerpoint presentation set to InSuRGe

Today's new word: furni

seti: The H2G2 entry is cynical and hilarious
seti: un-fucking-believable.

Virtual hotel cracks down on cybersex

seti: about Habbohotel (1st link today)




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