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<LieBot> Alright everybody! It's time to see my ass!



gps: mirror of original WASTE website

IBM 64-bit PowerPC 970 microprocessor chip with feathers

lemonodor: "IBM 64-bit PowerPC 970 microprocessor chip with feathers. (#90)"
Ash: Brought to you by GAY LEATHER DADDIES
lemonodor: I think all computer hardware should be photographed in a brightly colored feathery context.

Stem Cell 'Master Gene' Found

Layer 7 traffic shaping


Dave Winer meltdown (as described by AaronSw)

My Way - News | Height of Pleasure, Brothel Offers Plane Sex

gps: airplane brothel anyone?

Polycom iPower Executive

How to get yourself not invited back to any countries

rik: ntk d'oh worthy? maybe. funny piccy anyway.

sateh: Tag. Is. Back.


TehShadow: "How to walk of Japan"
TehShadow: Engrish abounds
TehShadow: (from mefi)

BitTorrent 3.2.2 for Mac OS X

drue: with spiffy features like Rendezvous tracking and upload control

SCO vs Linux as Dukes of Hazzard episode

A_Young: Has this been chumped yet?
A_Young: 10-4 big daddy


Nullsoft (Streaming|S as in Soft) Video


skimpIzu: vangaurd balanced index fund
skimpIzu: long term!

National Heckle (flash)

jwz vs debian mosh-up

A_Young: Why am I reading this crap?
Mutiny: Seems like this guy has jwz's number.
A_Young: "Thank you for the clarification about the patch, needlessly snide though it was."

Winer and Kearney meet in person

burtonator: irc blog by AaronSw... Winer says Kearney threatened to kill him (which isn't true)
burtonator: Winer is an ass


AccordionGuy: Yet another Toronto guy with a pseudonym

Disney Uses Night Goggles to Guard 'Nemo'

coderman: Disney hired Pinkerton to scan "Nemo" movie goers with metal detectors and monitor the audience with night vision goggles to prevent copying of the movie




Taral: Evil.


blanu: Apparently the only place you can get ViaVoice for Linux. Some guy's home directory. Get it while it's there.

WASTE executable for linux people on WINE

Another WASTE mirror


brewtus: WASTE mirror

Cryptome administrator home network hacked over wireless?

AccordionGuy blog entry on the MacGyver download site

AccordionGuy: "Don't thank me, thank the moon's gravitational pull."

Practical Unix Terrorism

coderman: i'm waiting for the nutshell guide myself ...
coderman: [ i am wearing one of these on my next air flight ]

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