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Bring back the Kellogg-Briand Pact! || Destroy the IHOP/Waffle House line || toy of the hour: http://www.nullsoft.com/free/waste/ || <elejia> sayke: yer mom's all higher-dimensional and wierd


gps: The great SCO annoyance as explained by the dukes of hazard

elejia's midterm

rik's example exam for tommorrow.


blanu: The best Icehouse game, Gnostica. An abstract strategy game of territorial warfare.


blanu: Icehouse games. One set of pieces. 50 or so games you can play, and always adding more.
blanu: Actually there are 124 games currently listed.


Look Around You

deltab: not available from educational suppliers

This American Life | Time to Save the World

lemonodor: excellent show.

SCO versus common sense - explained!

DragonFax: Sorry, no can do


aml's public wastekey

AOL versus their own WASTE

WASTE server ported to Linux



dav^: ""

My httpd.conf is better than your httpd.conf


dav^: SCO/Linux Conflict Explained

WASTE from Nullsoft

Mutiny: It's eDonkey with crypto and without swarming downloads.
Mutiny: Half assed crypto at that.
blanu: They should have used Tristero since WASTE is a Tristero reference and so that would have been extra funny.
Mutiny: AOL pulled the plug already? You can download the source here: http://doomtown.mutinyeng.com/~craig/waste-source.tar.gz


Replacing WEP with IPsec on OpenBSD, Windows XP

Hey, did I just invent Scottish Coffee?! ?!?

How not to teach set-theoretic database stuff.

Dave Winer's OSCOM Keynote

Mutiny: funny as hell when winer and kearney almost come to blows.

No Bunker where U.S. Bombs Targeted Saddam - CBS


lemonodor: tatu girl poster. not worksafe.

WorldNetDaily: Bush equated with Hitler in 'Matrix' sequel?

lemonodor: "If they're saying our president is in the same league as Adolf Hitler, then I don't want to see this movie," says Mark Szorady of Rome, Ohio.
blanu: This is one of the most pointless articles I've ever seen.
A_Young: "'Discussion of evil in the world and flashing the picture of our president. Why?' [whines] Szorady. 'Are they saying he's evil? ... I'd like to see this thing frame-by-frame.'"
A_Young: Long live free speech. Err did I say that? DIE KOWALSKI SCUM!!!! Can I have my badge now?
A_Young: This link sponsored by CleanFilms.com -- movies that have been edited .. to remove nudity and sexual situations, offensive language and graphic violence (i wonder how the matrix parses after this?)

White House insider cleans up Bush's image on film

kherr: Propaganda made-for-tv movie about who Bush wishes he was on 9/11. Made in Canada by Canadians for the White House.
kherr: Leni Riefenstahl was unavailable to direct.

SCO threatens Linus!

burtonator: McBride added that unless more companies start licensing SCO's property, he may also sue Linus Torvalds, who is credited with inventing the Linux operating system, for patent infringement.
seti: cypherpunks/cypherpunks works as login

Jeremy's son and his fancy new haircut

ext2 access in windows


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