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Computer program to pinpoint author's sex

coderman: sweet! now will it work in chat rooms ...

the Personal Growth Geek Code

seti: a geek code with a section for non-monogamy

Supercomputer from Playstation 2's

jillzilla: Computers move closer to being a commodity. Google's architecture uses them as such, and so does this supercomputer. Not to mention lots of other distributed systems.
nym: "It took a lot of time because you have to cut all of these things out of the plastic packaging"
jillzilla: While the most advanced computing technologies have historically been developed first for large corporate users and military contractors, increasingly the fastest computers are being developed for the consumer market and for products meant to be placed under Christmas trees.
Mutiny: Offically the 3rd time this has been posted. $$gg$$

My Fiendster Experience: An Addict's Perspective

nym: how sad
nym: addict realises his ways
coderman: man, this guy has issues. I cant get that addicted to coke, and lord knows its a lot more fun than friendster.

Friendster Exposed

aml: horrifying.
nym: why are all the people in the pictures look artificial?

Squirrel fishing


skimpIzu: get matrix 2 over net



DragonFax: I'd be yelling at the TV, "Try it again! It's a good bloody plan!"

Various clips from the Square One tv show

crysflame: yup, you can watch Noggin on DirecTV (it helps if you have all the channels)

In-N-Out Burger Secret Menu

wmf: I love the animal style burger

Man insures box of expensive cigars, then files claim of loss due to "numerous small fires"

kherr: Way to game the system. And get gamed back.
Ash: I love the part where he gets jailed for arson
Ash: <nelson> ha ha
crysflame: wow, i haven't heard about this in forever

Guy with flipflops

Mutiny: I'm unsure if this is for a fight or a sexual rendezvous.

What to do if you are stopped by police

burtonator: Wish I had a printer

Who will pay for ... NewsMonster

Who will Pay - Part 2

burtonator: Cool innovative apps don't get written because there is no money

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