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The Island of Jersey, where the tide covers a third of the country every day.

DragonFax: What did you think "New Jersey" was 'New' of?
DragonFax: damn french.
burtonator: The old Jersey must really suck!

twisted python quotefile

seti: (coderman's in there for his 31337 C++ sk1llz)

Reverse engineering c++ code by hand

coderman: a demonstration in self inflicted mental trauma


coderman: Infone.com - directory assistance and long distance for less than your wireless carrier charges you for it!
coderman: i havent tried this since the launch, but they are using voice authentication in addition to PIN, (mmmm, biometrics)

Prolonged erection 'saved patient's life'

Subject: Yo! Ghurt!


Create flash demos of working software

CEO riding his segway from Ottawa to Toronto as fund-raising PR gimmick

A_Young: /me wonders if jill has some sgways in her garage ;)
A_Young: he may have looked something like this
A_Young: (artists impression)

4.3 Earthquake in Santa Rosa

burtonator: 4.3 Earthquake in Santa Rosa
jillium: burtonator felt it, malaclyps and jillium did not
burtonator: I think my building is very sensitive and it shook back and forth

Shoe Size - Penis Size Conversion Chart

Caution: Inline Powered Ethernet

Review: iNet Stream Archiver

kherr: "iNet Stream Archiver is hands-down the best internet radio stream ripper out there for the Macintosh!"

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