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SARS is from Mars

Ash: The Weekly World News' Foreign Correspondent Batboy is on the surface of mars reporting

Say Goodnight to Insomnia: Basic Facts About Sleep and Insomnia

A_Young: We all get erections during REM sleep .. which makes up 25% of the time spent asleep (notable exception being those physiologically impotent)
A_Young: What nobody will tell you .. except the Canadians
A_Young: In more news: we typically wake up six or more times during the night, but fail to recall these brief awakenings -- are you telling me there is no sleep conspiracy?
A_Young: Furthermore, "In a healthy young adult, the variation between the daily minimum and maximum body temperature is about one and a half degrees." Wow!
A_Young: Did all your preconceptions come crashing down, or what!
A_Young: Insomnia affects increasing number of people, according to surveys - up from 1/3 to 1/2
A_Young: of course, according to surveys, 90% of people are CEOs on over $1mill per annum

Some trees can cause air pollution (but not avocado trees)

The Magic Roundabout, Swindon, UK

A_Young: In reference to this: <skimpIzu> the most dangerous intersection in the us:http://www.statefarm.com/di/images/1fla2.jpg
A_Young: no, but really .. what's it for?
A_Young: this is the successor to stonehenge, right? to mystify people for generations to come?
Ash: I used to drive through the #10 intersection quite frequently... Zoooom!

California Avocado Commission -- Avocados and Nutrition

A_Young: Avocados are very FUCKING good for you
A_Young: You could get half your daily fibre requirements from eating just one avocado
A_Young: 60% of the fat in avocado is mono-unsaturated (the stuff that lowers your cholestorol)
rik: That still leaves 40% that isn't, though.


A_Young: "Researchers have discovered convincing new evidence that an age-old meditation practice may reduce atherosclerosis and slow the ageing process."
A_Young: np o/~ everything zen everything zen well i don't think so o/~

life sans spleen

A_Young: That Freud guy is one sick puppy

Wearable Fetishes.. picture of "kitty", a really neat one handed keyboard

nym: also see http://fashion.komposite.com/images/gallery_shots/7004
nym: also see this picture
nym: also kittytech's about page
deltab: some other unusual text input devices
deltab: also a Half Keyboard



Microsoft prepares reply to iTunes

kherr: Microsoft is pursuing subscription-based, DRM-heavy WMA with special software in portable devices.

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