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Wired News: Did SARS Land With Star Dust?

burtonator: SARS alien invasion


Drugs Quip Backfires for Jackass Star in Sweden


Miracle baby 'grew in liver'

skimpIzu: skimpIzu floorjaws
skimpIzu: baby grows in liver instead of uterus
rnc: <skimpIzu> now i have enough information to believe its possible that I could have a child, provided im pumped up with the correct balance of hormones
deltab: yes, as in Frankenstein's Baby

How D and S W0rkz

A_Young: (click the image to go to the next frame)
dopp: (Up next: How to Click on Images for Fucking Idiots and People Who Like MS Paint Comics)


skimpIzu: i know you wanna splooge with me over this




National Geographic News

A_Young3D: ".. chimps (currently Pan troglodytes) and humans (Homo sapiens) diverged so recently that chimps should be reclassed as Homo troglodytes."

Most Boring Matrix Reloaded Review Ever


DragonFax: Weeeeeesleeeeeey
A_Young: omg is this real?!

Bob Herbert column on dubious conclusions about race drawn from Jayson Blair's case.

jillzilla: This column rings true for me.
Ash: all racing should be banned
A_Young3D: "I've seen drunks, incompetents and out-and-out lunatics in the newsrooms I've passed through over the years. I've seen plagiarizers, fiction writers and reporters who felt it was beneath them to show up for work at all." did he miss anyone?
A_Young3D: "The truth and Jayson Blair inhabited separate universes." so we finally found where comical Ali has been hanging out, huh?
A_Young3D: This article is about racism, btw, not about the specifics of the Jayson Blair story
A_Young3D: Or rather, it's about this specific aspect of the Jayson Blair story: "I don't understand why I am the bumbling affirmative action hire when
A_Young3D: Stephen Glass is this brilliant whiz kid.."
A_Young3D: I think he's just a dickhead.
A_Young3D: Heh he fabricated a story about Jessica Lynch .. he should get a medal, no?
Ash: Considering the whole "rescue" is fabricated, what's one more fake story
A_Young3D: /me wonders if he fabricated any of Bush's speeches for him
A_Young3D: Heh I hear there's an opening at the whitehouse

Weekly World News Fires Reporter Over Batboy Story

BBC NEWS | UK | How does Dyson make water go uphill?

The Jayson Blair blog

Global Media Ownership 2001 chart


nym: it hurts my eyes ... i'm blinded
nym: i thought internships usually led to jobs..
Ash: Dude, where's my job?

Wmf's Porn Links Page


burtonator: Put this in your cube at work!

Earth, as seen from Mars through a small telescope...

drue: Earth, as seen from Mars through a small telescope...
drue: this august, mars will be closer to earth than it has been in over 10,000 years... get your telescope ready...


A_Young3D: I dunno .. this pic kinda does something for me
A_Young3D: They might be french
Mutiny: hot girl on girl sandwich mowing action! yow!!!

Freud/Jung Slash

That's a messy sandwich!


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