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seti: (requires flash)

Buddhists 'really are happier'

burtonator: In other news - Buddhists do it deeper!

Utah officials prepare to execute by firing squad

GabeW: How 1800's is that!!?!?
burtonator: Maybe this will bring some more discussion about the immorality of the death penalty
Morbus: Who's up for McDonalds?
Morbus: (crowd) We are!
Morbus: WHoOOo!
burtonator: <chant> USA! USA! USA</chant>

Senator Byrd lays the smack down on GWB Inc.

rik: ... and an example of HOW NOT TO MAKE A URL.
seti: Byrd, wasn't he a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hollywood, Inc. too?


lemonodor: haha!
lemonodor: asian girl, hot tanlines, free from infections. what more could you want?
nym: ewwww.. that's terrible

Velvet Touch Painting

nym: Website for my gf i'm working on
Mutiny: How much for a velvet elvis?
Mutiny: Does she do sad mexican children with big eyes, or dogs playing poker, too?

Google Sets: quadrillion, sextillion, septillion


sateh: Why I don't like Pythons.

Toroidal Go

crysflame: =round go is also interesting; mobius strip, though, is just weird.

What is.. The Republican Matrix [Tom Tomorrow]

crysflame: Agent Bush
A_Young: crazy funny lol hahahahaha


sateh: l337 +|<
deltab: frames suck

Safari poll: "If you had to pick a W3C technology to implement next in WebCore"

crysflame: i'm torn between SVG, which is cool, and CSS3, which is also cool.
crysflame: if this becomes as popular as the last time he asked for comments on a hot issue, it'll go trackback only in a few days. get your comments in now :)
crysflame: SVG+XSLT+CSS seems the most popular, and a count shows SVG ahead by like 40% in mentions.


skimpIzu: now thats high res
Mutiny: The caption for this image is "Hey Jimmy, you remembered to relieve the pressure in that boiler... right?"

War Profiteers Card Deck


skimpIzu: cause we all know that our screens project finely detailed light onto our faces
wmf: my face always looks like that when I'm hacking the planet

Chirac to embarass Bush at G8 conference

kherr: Remember, "Evian" is naive spelled backwards.
skimpIzu: 2

Tarantino plans Pemier footie flick

kherr: Quentin Tarantino is planning to make a big-budget soccer movie
drue: "Hand me my shin guards" "They're the ones that say Bad Motherfucker."


U.S. Vigilantes Test Drones on Mexican Border

sayke: hello and welcome to bruce-sterling-land
sayke: time for the coyotes to jam the transmitters
sayke: and carry shotguns with birdshot

teuscher chocolates

druework: teuscher champagne truffles are one of the best confections available anywhere, the jasmine truffles are good too


kherr: Oh no, now we'll see calls to ban encryption to "stop the terrorists".
burtonator: This just in! Terrorists use cyrptography... also chemistry... Bush administration says Science to be outlawed...

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