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We put the pee in slurpee.

Bomb Rocks Yale

The future of 20 Questions

seti: Impressive.

Wired 11.06: "If We Run Out of Batteries, This War is Screwed."

Mutiny: How much faith can you have in your army when they use MICROSOFT COMIC CHAT to communicate on the battle field.
Ash: Military chat logs now available at jerkcity.com
deltab: '"What's funny about using Microsoft Chat," he adds with a sly smile, "is that everybody has to choosean icon to represent themselves. Some of these guys haven't bothered, so the program assigns them one. We'll be in the middle of a battle and a bunch of field artillery colonels will come online in the form of these big-breasted blondes. We've got a few space aliens, too."'
deltab: 'Lima lima mike foxtrot.'


lemonodor: Some things can't be unseen.
lemonodor: or unread.
seti: "factory equipment" is not a term I want associated with those body parts.
lemonodor: "Run your hands gently over her body; women love the feeling of being caressed all over, of being explored and 0wnz0rd by a lover's hands."


sateh: Dogcow in Panther skin!



sateh: Now without banners :-)


A_Young: Screenshot from sodipodi, a fan-didley-tastic little vector editor for nx which uses W3C's SVG format natively and allows export to Flash! (I'm told)
A_Young: Other features include gradient fills, PNG export ..
A_Young: GPL of course
A_Young: A tutorial || another one in French

Yaskifo! - First financial partner of webmasters

A_Young: "Yaskifo! is the secure payment service opened to everybody (individuals and companies), without any setup fee or monthly cost, used by more than 2500 vendors in the world since 1998."

The new $20.

crysflame: =http://i.cnn.net/money/2003/05/13/news/economy/twenty/20front_big.jpg

SBS Australia by Numbers Live Chat 20:15 21/05/03 -- Jabiru 0886: Trespass

A_Young: Live chat with Yvonne Margarula, Senior Traditional Owner of the Mirrar People of Kakadu National Park, who continue to oppose the Jabiru (Rio Tinto) uranium mine and fight for the right to determine what is done to their World Heritage zoned land, and for the right to even access parts of it.
A_Young: Mirrar people website || Rio Tinto website (warning: slow link)


aml: those dumb bastards.

Patch for nVidia graphics demo to make the model naked

wmf: "Our monkey is already naked," joked Chris Hook, PR Manager of ATI

This Modern World: The Republican Matrix (comic)

(Foreign Affairs) Putting Liberty First: The Case Against Democracy

matthew: I had noticed this about the Bush administration. They confuse capitalism with freedom.
seti: something pro-capitalism and anti-democracy for developing nations

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