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WELCAME 2 TEH DALNAT- A/SL/?!?!11 || <blanu> When I was working on Freenet, my girlfriend's dad once kicked me out of his house because he thought I was going to destroy the concept of intellectual property. Those were the days. People still believed in the power of anarchist hackers to destroy the world. Gone, gone days.

The Google Cluster Architecture

Ash: this has probably been chumped already, but I didn't see it SO IT DOESN'T EXIST
DragonFax: <Ash> Mutiny: jillzilla does the whole crawl on her workstation
DragonFax: <DragonFax> she's really lazy at work, does alot of web browsing, all they do is make use of that, by leeching her cache

Warren Buffett calls dividend tax cuts "voodoo economics"

GabeW: If this goes through, he could put out a $1 a share dividend and make $310 Million next year at an effective tax rate of 3%
druework: what the hell does that parrothead know?
druework: oh, WARREN Buffett.....
Ash: parrots are cool
Ash: this is an EX-PARROT
DragonFax: Day-umn

Best damn iTunes controlbar ever

crysflame: five dollars, lifetime registration fee. eat the shareware koolaid.
crysflame: the option to assign F1-F5 (or whatever) to "rate this song 1-5 stars" is my dream feature, worth all $5.
deltab: menubar controls

Don't be a terrorist in Oregon.

crysflame: <q> OREGON'S SENATE Bill 742, section 19, chapter 666 ( here ) defines the "unlawful labeling of a sound recording" as terrorism and would make it punishable by a minimum life sentence of 25 years in prison without parole.
Ash: Oregon Trail rules
crysflame: acts of terrorism include: <q> Blocking traffic, school walkouts, unlawful recording of a live performance, delivery of an imitation controlled substance, drunk driving, selling cigarettes to a minor </Q>
crysflame: disrupting free assembly of the people OR educational systems OR transit systems OR commerce systems. so no more teacher strikes (wait, we have a problem with those?)
Ash: taking too much time in line at an atm? YOU'RE UNDER ARREST
crysflame: http://pub.das.state.or.us/LEG_BILLS/PDFs/SB742.pdf
crysflame: possibly not what it seems -- <q> It's two separate amendments to the same bill, one outlawing terrorism, and one enumerating "prohibited conduct for purposes of instrumentalities". Very different. </q> from a UKian

My local CO. Too far away. argh.

Ash: entering missile coordinates... done

1 in 5 have sex, 1 in 7 (girls) get pregnant, before age 15

crysflame: "teachers looking at a class of 13-year-olds can't assume they're in a state of latent innocence."
crysflame: on an upward (heh) note, 50% of the 1 in 5 hadn't had sex more than twice in the last year.

Eclipse, from orbit. Hi, NASA!

Many Americans share Klingel's low expectations for journalistic accuracy.

crysflame: <q> For the Klingels and others like them, however, the [lies] they saw in Blair's work seemed hardly worth squawking about. It was more or less what they anticipated.
crysflame: <q> 21% of Americans believe all or most of what they read in their local papers
crysflame: <q> Asked to rate the ethical standards of various professions, Americans place journalists side by side with members of Congress near the bottom of the list. Only lawyers, advertising practitioners and car salesmen ranked lower, a 2000 Gallup poll found.
seti: (context: this is about the NY Times journalist who was found out to have made up approx 100% of the stories he posted during at least the past five years, in case you missed that)

If [DARPA] orders a prototype, individual "gait signatures" of people could become part of the [TIA data]

crysflame: 80-85% accurate identification of an individual by gait. anyone know the shuffle-step-step from dune?
A_Young: This stuff has been around for a while
A_Young: The TIA is gonna use RADAR .. that seems to be their novel invention ;) previous systems (prototypes?) used CCTV


A_Young: Wow this is like my dream site, except my dream site is google. Do a 'namebase search' - it's like an associative memory for book reviews indexed by people's and organisation's names.
Ash: this is a very good site... FOR ME TO POOP ON!
A_Young: manually indexed so that duplicate names are kept seperate and summaries are not copyright infringing .. these are non-fiction resources by the way

The Peculiar Art of Mr Frahm (this link is for Morbus someone tell him if you see him)

A_Young: Celery + Gravity = Art


ABC Australia Broadband content - check out rage, one of the best music video programs in the world, gone broadband :)

A_Young: requires flash and/or realplayer

SBS Dateline May 14, 2003 -- Interview - Richard Butler

A_Young: "A few days ago, the US Senate Armed Services Committee voted to repeal a long-standing ban on the development of small nuclear bombs - so called mini-nukes. For 10 years the US has abided by an international moratorium on the testing of nuclear weapons - another international convention now likely to go up in smoke. Tonight's guest, Richard Butler, has had a long involvement in nuclear disarmament issues. Perhaps better known as the
A_Young: "former chief weapons inspector in Iraq, most of his career was spent in helping to forge the international anti-nuclear conventions - including a spell as Australia's Ambassador for Disarmament."

SBS Dateline May 14, 2003 -- Baghdad - Not an Ordinary Life

A_Young: "Baghdad is already effectively divided into two cities. The middle class areas which were largely loyal to Saddam Hussein are now under American control, but the poorer Shi'ite suburbs have become no-go zones for US troops and administrators patrolled and controlled by Shi'ite clerics."

SBS Dateline May 14, 2003 -- A Doctor without Borders

A_Young: "According to senior aid worker Dr Fiona Terry from Medicins Sans Frontieres, humanitarian relief is increasingly being used as a political tool, rather than helping those in need. .. 'in Afghanistan, we even saw soldiers taking off their uniforms, putting on civilian clothing in order to be closer to the population, give an image that this war was all about good things and they were armed. And of course, when Afghan people see civil
A_Young: "they're not going to make such a distinction any more between an aid worker who's not armed and a Special Forces in civilian clothing who is armed.'"




cryptomail: I see a black background....I'm bad
skimpIzu: "Don't you have the right to have basic image support in your browser? Shouldnt you and those like you at least have the right to add this functionality if you need it?"
A_Young: "Mon May 19 03:25:10 EDT 2003 ... MSIE still does not support PNG transparency."
A_Young: I can think of some amusing 'browser-detection'-style uses this 'feature' could be put to
A_Young: I mean using the fact that transparent PNG could be used to say something like 'your browser is out of date, please upgrade NOW!!!' which would only be seen by people with the broken browser (IE5.5 apparently)

Porrasturvat - Stair Dismount

DragonFax: The whole purpose of this game is to fall down stairs and try and hurt yourself as much as possible.

"Bush Affirms US Is Ready To Send Troops To the Phillipines"

crysflame: Why are we attacking the Phillipines? Aren't we already attacking Syria?
crysflame: (see also: http://www.edwebproject.org/sideshow/history/end.html # 'I have only committed the mistake of believing in you, the Americans.')

GUI tex previewer for OS X

The blog clog myth

A_Young: Google skewing is storm in teacup according to some guy
A_Young: "It is a simple task for us to switch search engines if our trust is abused." but not to set up a large, efficient one, if google dominates to the point where there are no efficient competitors (like now?) and then standards drop (like if jill ever leaves them ;)

The American press is all about lies! All they tell is lies, lies and more lies!

kherr: Which spin points were said by Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf and which were said by Ari Fleischer?
A_Young: "I like to make up with information what I lack in creativity.."
A_Young: Sadly (cough) Ari has left the whitehouse, as of this 24 hour period (or so he says)

The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism

A_Young: If we're missing any of these traits in the Coalition of the willing, I'll make a note and forward it to the relevent authorities


kherr: What, no USB 2.0. Haha.

FDA approves first shot to neuter puppies

kherr: Neutersol, an amino acid and zinc salt, is injected into the testicles.
Ash: DECREASE THE SIZE OF YOUR PENIS BY 200% !!!! ab38512s

Eminem-style homage to Saddam Hussein


skimpIzu: it actually looks good....err better

I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

DragonFax: Back from when people were making all sorts of games and cdroms from novels and documentaries.


deltab: see also clevercactus

I am a murderer

A_Young: As some cleverplugs points out you should 'View source' and read the comments from the author (last three lines, between <!-- and --> )
crysflame: someone introduces freenet to the responsibilities of anonymity.
crysflame: not for weak hearts, even though it's probably all fiction. (and probably not work safe for content -- you don't want your employer to associate this page with you.)


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