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Lookin' at a thing in the bag


lemonodor: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/urban/oneworld/oakey_electro.shtml
lemonodor: early 80s electronica / electro

that's where esr went after abandoning tuxedo.org


'Star Wars Kid' Gets Bucks From Blogs -- public humiliation just may pay off

coderman: "There are myriad examples of photographs on the Net of naked ex-lovers, drunken grooms and passed-out sorority girls."
coderman: damn you wired, you link to a fat kid dancing with a light stick, but not the naked ex-lovers and passed-out sorority girls?? BASTARDS

tech support calls (uid0 will really enjoy these!)

(Alternet) Socialism Lives!

seti: deep and funny article


rik: ignore the cert.

Festvox (later version of Festival?)

Festival speach synthesis


kherr: How unsearchable news archives are giving blogs more prominence in Google.


DragonFax: <burtonator> There is a bug in bugzilla for that... Bug 1978374 - More clutter
DragonFax: You lie!

Skateboarding is not a File Format

burtonator: http://shellen.com/gallery/skateformat800px.jpg
DragonFax: is too
burtonator: Ev says that started off as 'MP3 is not a crime'


lemonodor: JPL open house


DragonFax: wonder if it works. looks like a bucket with plastic wrap and a rubber band. couldn't you just make one?

Report on the Relative Quality of AAC Audio to MP3

kherr: AAC seems better than MP3 at same bitrate. Also claims AAC is better than Ogg Vorbis on portable players at 128kbps.
lemonodor: non-double blind audiophile comparisons that use terms like "imaging", "definition", "sparkle", "opaque" and "closed" make me wary.
kherr: Very audio-geeky indeed.



Buffy Auctions: Giles' Leather Satchel

crysflame: Looks properly battered from 7 years of filming

Kansas drug taxes up several percent this year

crysflame: <q> Kansas reported in January that taxes paid on marijuana sales were up 5 percent and taxes paid on cocaine, methamphetamine and other hard drugs were up 20 percent.

Enhanced textiles 'n' stuff

crysflame: i really want to combine the light fabric and the touch fabric into "touch responsive"
crysflame: search for the word "Luminescent", apparently the archive of the sidebar is pretty ugly
deltab: Could this become the sensor webbing in Spider and Web?

Online game cheating

crysflame: <q> He also states that he enjoys "ruining tk'ing and cheating and raging people." On the other hand, "General Jap", leader of another prominent cheating clan, [JAPS], is completely opposed to myg0t's practices </q>

bstark's BitTorrent stats for The Matrix Reloaded


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