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Nym's Bloggo

nym: Post on the Magic Castle and a singing urninal!
deltab: permalink: Magic Castle


NTK addresses Ruby

crysflame: <lathos> I don't know whether or not to make a joke about managing to do what Larry couldn't. :)

hp digital media receiver en50000

skimpIzu: emacs and vim scripts that version your file on every save
skimpIzu: hperes@HillCountryPeress:[~]%du -h .archive/ <br> 65M .archive
skimpIzu: it was either this:http://cvsfs.sourceforge.net/ (which is very intrusive, but pretty decent), or making the simple script hacks that i did


wmf: "turning 30 scared me until I realized that my girlfriend is 40"

haunted iPod

wmf: next thing you know, people will be complaining that their iPod thinks they're gay





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