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ip crap || matrix crap || <lemonhead>: cats + robots crap || * freakazoid defended his masters thesis with a gun.


uid0: Strongbad does techno

Senderbase spammer info database

druework: Search by ip or domian, get info on their mail sending activity


The Onion | Infographic | The Matrix Reloaded



skimpIzu: selections from the skimpIzu gallery
skimpIzu: http://geocities.com/hfastedge/middle.jpg NSFW!

solar energy education


A_Young: Some Bomb the Bass site, featuring mp3s, including one of the best tracks of all time 'Bug Powder Dust' (the proper version, not the K&D krud ;)
A_Young: I guess not the full track though :P


A_Young: Free mp3s including radio hits
A_Young: no shit .. and then the site suddenly transmogrifies into something else weird .. WTF?!
A_Young: is that weird or what?
A_Young: ".. if you think that a file you have come across, might be a copyrighted file, it is suggested that you do not download it, and that you email the Mp3 Dimension staff immediately, so that we may investigate." ah ok i c
A_Young: sorry

Entertainer June Carter Cash Dies at Age 73

'Go For Sushi!' e-book


The Mystery of the Megalithic Yard Revealed

A_Young: How to create this prehistoric measurement unit for yourself
^matthew: Applied mathematics is so much fun.


A_Young: LOL
A_Young: I want one for my mantlepiece!


lemonodor: screenshots from the matrix
lemonodor: "Did you take a look at the exploit? They used the SSH v1 CRC32 Exploit. Someone's done their homework. She nmap'ed the machine, then ran something called sshnuke against it. Interestingly enough, this is a reasonable and accurate attack on a machine!"


Xirzon: Fresh news daily

Linux Watch

A_Young: Low power 32-bit CPU (18-74 MHz), 740 pixels per inch, in a VGA 640 by 480 format, Linux version 2.2
A_Young: See also WatchPad
A_Young: Heh those remind me of 1978 red led watches :)

The truth about Jessica

kherr: "It was like a Hollywood film. They cried, 'Go, go, go', with guns and blanks and the sound of explosions. They made a show - an action movie like Sylvester Stallone or Jackie Chan, with jumping and shouting, breaking down doors."
kherr: Blanks in their guns -- was the whole thing staged propaganda?
A_Young: "As for Lynch, her status as cult hero is stronger than ever. Internet auction sites have listed at least 10 Jessica Lynch items" /me wonders if he can buy Jessica's used nickers
A_Young: Sure, it was all made up, but I'm sure it was 'the type' of thing that was happening in the Gulf War II .. 'representative of the truth' ;)
A_Young: It's kinda hard to get real footage, isn't it? so you'd have to stage something to make sure what you get is realistic
A_Young: ".. He put her in an ambulance and instructed the driver to go to the American checkpoint. When he was approaching it, the Americans opened fire. .."
A_Young: "We've got a kinder, gentler machine gun hand." --Neil Young


Pravda 2002-04-30 -- Bizarre muthafucking shit

A_Young: "A find of Bashkir scientists contraries to traditional notions of human history: stone slab which is 120 million years covered with the relief map of Ural Region."
A_Young: Reminds me of the Archaeoraptor hoax which inexplicably took in National Geographic who make no mention of their gullibility on their website

The Architects


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