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Schuyler: Eminenya
Schuyler: courtesy of #perl
nym: brilliant
deltab: The Real Slim Shady / Orinoco Flow
deltab: Orinoco Flow has an easter egg

Spam Radio

druework: now you can listen to your favorite spam...



coderman: if I could skull fuck someone over the internet, this jack ass Darl McBride would be my first victim
coderman: what a bunch of shit. "Our product is total shit, so its time to go the legal route for profit!"
skimpIzu: to make it proper, youd have to knock the bitche's teef out first
coderman: what is really shady is that they refuse to make public the accused parts of code that are infringing, specifcally because they know it would take the OSS community all of 2 days to rewrite it in a non infrigning fashion, if in fact, there is anything truly infringing in there in the first place, which they also refuse to prove.
coderman: so until then, they are simply harrasing the commercial linux vendors and using scare monger tactics to try and discredit the OSS development process, the linux kernel IP and other vaporous claims without any facts to back it up.


skimpIzu: cool and season 1 is still at bt.theory.org


Pure, unadulterated stupidity.


^matthew: "The idea is that the state doesn't have rights to limit individuals' wants and passions. I disagree with that." --Rick Santorum, top ranking Republican senator.
GabeW: "So I would make the argument that with President, or Senator or Congressman or whoever Santorum, I would put it back to where it is, the democratic process. If New York doesn't want sodomy laws, if the people of New York want abortion, fine. I mean, I wouldn't agree with it, but that's their right. But I don't agree with the Supreme Court coming in. "
GabeW: Has this guy taken civics 101?



dav^: Dav's friendster data mapped to Schuyler's dymaxion world



Schuyler: Perl module for plotting lat/long to a Fuller Dymaxion map
Schuyler: q.v. also http://iconocla.st/hacks/dymax/fuller.cgi for a working application
Schuyler: and http://iconocla.st/hacks/dymax/ for example source code



crysflame: "With 58 Democrats gone on Monday, the 150-member House was unable to muster the two-thirds quorum needed to conduct business. "

GTD Web Site

nym: Providers of high quality street data

The thirteenth floor. another poor false reality movie ...

crysflame: not so poor, but definitely requires more suspension than usual


Mutiny: Today is my birthday. Buy me this.

Apple seeks a slice of Europe

kherr: Apple negotiating with record labels to launch iTunes Music Store in Europe by end of year.

Browser-independent alpha transparency API

Ash: those damn alphas and their transparency.. sheesh..
nymble: thanks, i needed this link
nymble: crysflame you rock




Google Daily Menus

deltab: fsvo. 'daily'

Wired 11.01: Google vs. Evil

deltab: Having lunch at Google? Be prepared to sign an NDA.
wmf: maybe that explains what happened to AaronSw. the googlemafia.

Microsoft: iLoo no hoax after all, but dead anyway


^matthew: Scientists have recently discovered that various complex systems have an underlying architecture governed by shared organizing principles. This insight has important implications for a host of applications, from drug development to Internet security
^matthew: Dumbass teaser on the site, but the article is well worth the trip down to a magazine rack.

Hostel Dwelling Swede Getting Laid Big Time

druework: "Ja, is true," said the smiling Stockholm native. "I am getting laid big-time."

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