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nothing can escape the power of the quad laser


In From the Cold - The Need for Reform of the CIA

Mutiny: You don't have permission to access /ic-black0001.htm on this server. Damn the CIA got to it already!
coderman: "Any reform of clandestine activities must reconcile the incompatibility of covert actions and the American democratic political process. Hodding Carter III argued in a dissenting opinion to a Twentieth Century Fund report that "covert action is by definition outside the ambit of democracy,""


jillzilla: PETA wants Hamburg, NY, to change its name to Veggieburg
^matthew: PETA are a bunch of freaks who will be about ninth up against the wall when the revolution comes.


druework: Medeski, Martin, and Wood web site


druework: MMW downloads

PlayaInfo Development Blog

nym: PlayaInfo Public Terminal Trailer design pictures up, more coming this week.
nym: mapping stuff coming soon too.
deltab: permalink: Cabinet Design
nym: thanks deltab

The Best of Edward Penishands

AccordionGuy: On sale for half price
AccordionGuy: Oh yeah -- not safe for work
AccordionGuy: Not safe for anywhere else, once you think about it.


Paris Becoming World Wireless Leader

coderman: someone tell bush that those dirty terrorist sympathizers are about to leapfrog our wireless status!

'Alias' Star Jennifer Garner Files for Divorce

Microsoft admits iLoo was a load of crap

The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism

coderman: aka "Life in Modern America"
^matthew: Nobody proved the Florida election was actually fraudulent. We're still only 13 for 14 here folks!


Orange Mountain Dew

DragonFax: yum

Ross Anderson's TCPA FAQ

rik: hadn't been linked to in a while
rik: Summary in the last point: "So, a 'Trusted Computer' is one that can break my security?" "Now you've got it."
seti: that is in fact the definition of `trusted' - read any document on security from the US Army, for example, to find that. A security guard is `trusted' - that means that security can be broken if he doesn't do his job correctly.

At least one human alive in the year 2000 will still be alive in 2150

rik: Betting 1000 USD each
rik: ... and they'll collect their winnings.. how?


Long Bets - #86




Prototype linux based software radio using an iPAQ

coderman: too bad the band covered is only 100-475Mhz.

Ginger Altoids


Best Cybersex Transcript Ever

Official Trapped in Car After Computer Fails

kherr: Another BMW-gone-bad story related to crappy onboard software. I do believe it's M$-based.
kherr: See related story of BMW 745i failure
coderman: yes, it uses Microshat Wince OS
kherr: If Microsoft Built Cars comes true!

500HP bike from dodge. Mutiny says "more fun than a crotch rocket, but *yawn*"

coderman: they sell custom 3 stage twin turbo kits for the viper engine that will get you 1600HP
coderman: i wonder what the quarter mile times would be for a 1600HP tomahawk
druework: Please Let Your Family Know of Your Intention to become an Organ Donor



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