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join the warblogger party before it's too late | Happy Mother's Day quinn!!

qmail source vs postfix source

rik: It's back. it's the same as ever. it's qmail source vs postfix source

autonomous network services

crysflame: Mac OS X, for the moment.


^matthew: I miss alt.conspiracy.



And you thought ascii art was bad.

skimpIzu: http://www.deerford.com/jsexamples/jsmousetrailer.htm a much cooler user of js

Friendster Mapping onto Interactive Globe Applet

ZDNet 5 May 2003 -- Telstra reviews broadband strategy after dumping Beyond

A_Young: Telstra Australia dumps broadband content


A_Young: 'CHOICE' magazine by the Australian Consumer's Association "independent and non-profit .. We test, inform, protect and empower."
A_Young: Searchable, many articles available free
A_Young: Many not

North Korea claims to invent health drink for computer users

skimpIzu: kam sam ni da!
DragonFax: "Ok lets see, we have this poison to get rid of the world. Now how do we get them to take it."

H311B0Y <AUTO-REPLY> : Please send your self addressed, stamped envelopes to: "Questionable Frosting Giveaway." Questionable Frosting will be mailed to you within 6 to 8 weeks.

Prank time, folks! This is a good high school prank.



gdsx: Parody of realdoll.com


\dev\zero: County seeks Klingon interpreter for mental health patients

International Terrorist Gear

A_Young: "This site is home to the infamous International Terrorist t-shirt which was banned in a Dearborn, Michigan high school earlier this year. (For complete story and commentary, click [here|http://www.internationalterrorist.com/dearborn.html)"

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